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Thread: Fast Fingers: another music thread

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    Two names stand out to me; both metal guitarists, although Steve is a bass player. Anyway.

    John Petrucci, of Dream Theater fame, and
    Steve DiGiorgio, of too many bands to mention.

    I'd link youtube videos but I'm hilariously capped at the moment, and can't

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    Victor Wooten comes to mind. Hell of a bass player. Wait a minute and a half for him to really get going in the video.

    His brother Regi isn't bad either, though he plays the guitar instead. Here's a video of them having a bass/guitar battle.

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    @Radgrav, Jaiden: boggled The education of Raccoon continues apace.
    Pretty much any flamenco/classical guitar is an easy pick...

    Now here's a little something for... you know who you are
    (He's not little... anywhere) Rhinocerous dancing flamenco
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    I'm not into Rock or any of that music, but as a cellist I was particularly stunned when I saw this video: Yanni - The Best 2 Violin Solos.
    That has got to be the fastest I have ever seen anyone play the violin.

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    YouTube - Piano cover: Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    Yes, this is me playing. Yay, free advertising!


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