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Thread: Warts?

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    Default Warts?

    What is the best way to remove plantars warts? Should I be concerned if they are popping up all over my feet?

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    Ew ew ew ew. I'm sorry, but ew.

    Go to the doctor, and don't touch them with anything if you can help it. They will spread. And don't touch others.

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    They have wart remover stuff. It will like instantly freeze it, and then you follow the instructions from there

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    I'd say, grow your nail out a little longer, and get picking! It may draw blood, but it's okay, its nummy! And you can even eat the dead wart skin if you want! Mmm! Yummy! You may even build immunities by doing that! I wish I had one to pick and eat! You're lucky!

    This post was a complete joke for the record...

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    They do have home removal stuff, but you can't be squeemish. I had planters warts when I was yunger, and that freezing stuff hurts. But you'r overexadurating Abby. They really arn't that contagious. You could get the home freeze stuff, but I would sugest a doctor. It's easier that way.

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    I had a planters wart on my foot not long ago. They sell removal pad. Basically, it's a circlular band-aid that you stick this little chemical pands on and place on the wart. They work well, and don't hurt a bit. Take a while though.

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    I once had a wart on my toe and it hurt because it was in the wrong spot. I had to get it removed by the doctor. He just froze it is all. Then it fell out eventually.

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    There's all kinds of things to remove them sold on the internet. Just Google it and you can order. They even sell things to freeze them off, or you can let a doctor do it. You do want to remove them because they are caused by a virus, and they spread!

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