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Thread: Happy Nerd Pride Day

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    Thumbs up Happy Nerd Pride Day

    I found this doing a search on msn Nerd Pride Day. So What will everyone be doing for Nerd Pride Day (a.k.a. Memorial Day)?

    As for me I'll be watching anime and Star trek movies all day.

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    Bah, it's towel day. Didn't know another geeky holiday coincided.

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    Owning people in CSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNinja View Post
    Don't know about you guys but I'm studying for finals.
    That's what true Intellects do!

    I'm not from the US, but today is a Bank Holiday spent revising. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnMarth View Post
    That's what true Intellects do!
    True intellects don't need to study!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack26 View Post
    True intellects don't need to study!
    They may not need to but it sure as hell helps if you missed certain chapters.

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    I was aware that it was both Nerd Pride Day and Towel Day, though I personally prefer supporting the later.

    So, what have I done today. Done some practice for my exams, and went to see a film. Rather suitably (though not intentionally) it was the new Star Trek film, which may I say was very good. Nothing much else.

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    I'm perfectly fine with today being Memorial Day. Nothing else takes precedence.

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