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    This thread is not to suggest that i have or have not been abused. However the statistics would indicate that some of us have been. Here are some helpfull sites.

    Child Abuse and Neglect: Warning Signs of Abuse and How to Report It

    Kids Helpline - Child Protection

    Adults Surviving Child Abuse

    Youth Information Child abuse

    i think it is important that this community is in touch with these type of issues, especially if it can lead to someone seeking help.

    Lifeline Australia - Suicide Prevention

    Youth suicide prevention - the warning signs - Better Health Channel.

    Suicide and Suicide Prevention

    Lets add to this list!!!

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    The odd thing is every single time I been suicidal I never wanted to call a hotline about it. If I would tell anyone it would be a person close to me, if I tell at all.

    Also I think if a person did want to call a hotline to save them, I don't think they were really that suicidal at all. <_>

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    thats not odd at all...however i'm the same its probably pretty common..

    still does not mean you can't contribute....what about those people who are not like you and i regarding this topic...perhaps those that don't have anyone to confide in about their personal feelings......

    there is huge plausibility in your personal statement from my point of view about not being really suicidal if you call a hotline....except that the figures are against you and me on this one...this is why i did this thread

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    Refferencing Fire2box's post, I must point out that being suicidal has not only one stage. Somebody might be contemplating suicide, and wish to call to disscuss it, for any odd reason. Others have reached all out agreement with themselves and decide to isolate from the world in their last hours.

    Also, motives differ : Suicide might be as a cry for attention, so calling a suicide line gets one what he wanted. This of course does not mean that someone is not suicidal, merely less than 'Isolated and decided' case.

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