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Thread: how to hide the noise

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    Default how to hide the noise

    I have started to wear diapers out in public more often and alot more at home. i wore to school once and it was amazing, but the thing i am worried about is that the only diaper i have access to is depends(not including all the underwear style diapers) and they are extremely noisy. What are some tricks to reduce the noise?

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    Wear normal undies on top to prevent movement. Or use cloth and get some "soft and silent" plastic pants. Plastic Pants \

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    Seeing as you live in Canada, you don't have to worry so much about the heat problem. You can wear multiple layers and not have to worry. More layers = quieter. Although, with summer quickly approaching, it will heat up a little. But I would have to go with the underwear.

    The other thing is, people aren't really listening for "the diaper sound." If they do happen to hear it, they will just pass it off as a rapper or something in your pocket. No one is going to suspect that you are wearing a diaper (unless some people have found out).

    Best of luck to you.
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    Underwear or boxers should work to shelter the sound. I usually just wear undies and still no one notices

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersocal View Post
    The other this is, people aren't really listening for "the diaper sound." If they do happen to hear it, they will just pass it off as a rapper or something in your pocket.
    That's one of the funnier typos I've seen in a while.

    But yeah, just wearing some underwear should help. The tighter the better, I'd imagine, so in this scenario briefs would be preferable to boxers.

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    What I wear pretty often is spandex or stretchy undies over them. It helps with sound and shape really, but some people might think it brings the diaper too close to the skin.

    Or just layers like diapersocal said.

    While you said it's the sound you fear the most, try tucking in an undershirt into your pants to hide whatever may be sticking up.

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    If you like to keep your diaper tight, use packing tape on the sides. I put the tape on the back part of the side, then pull it tight as I tape forward. I also like to trim the back and leg gathers to cut any unnecessary material which reduces the sound.

    This reduces the loose plastic material that makes noise, and also makes the sides tighter to reduce side leaks.

    Underwear will mask the sound effectively. In winter, clothes layering options increase the sound muffling potential.

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    I have used biking shorts before (Lycra/Spandex with cotton blend) and they work very well at keeping the noise down. I would invest in a good pair, they look like boxer briefs and are sold many places.

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    My underwear is trunks - that sort of boxer brief combo you can get, and they work great. If I fold the top of a diaper down they will usually cover it in its entirety, and are tight enough to hold it in place and reduce the noise. Usually with my normal underwear over it and some jeans over that I can't hear a thing - and I know what I am listening for.

    To be honest though, unless the ones you have are really noisy most people aren't going to notice it. People are surprisingly unaware of background noises, especially quiet ones. Even if you did nothing to stop the noise more likely than not people wouldn't notice - better to be safe than sorry though so try to reduce the noise if you can.

    Another thing you can do is have a sweet wrapper or a few in your pocket. If someone asks you have an excuse as to why it is noisy. Hell, they could make you put it in the bin but, because they are so certain that the source of the noise is now gone, they probably wouldn't hear it because they aren't expecting to. It is better to take precautions just in case, but take comfort in the fact people are frighteningly unobservant.

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    You can always do the old standby if your worried about noise keep a cellophane bag in one of your pockets, and if someone asks pull out the bag and show it, just tell them you didn't want to toss it but completly forgot about it.

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