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Thread: Problems peeing

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    Default Problems peeing

    Just wondering if any other guys have the same problem as me. If I pee in the toilet, will be done going, zip up my pants, and walk away from the toilet, I seem to have damp underwear and an occasional damp spot on my pants. Its like my body tells me I'm done, so I zip up get some more come out .

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    I had a similar issue after passing a fairly large kidney stone. The stone was very jagged and caused what was basically a uti, which resulted in some temporary leakage after using the restroom. I just had to be conscious of it and make totally sure the main vein was totally drained before zipping up.

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    An article from
    it is very common and is caused by the retention of a small amount of urine in a wider part of the urethra (the pipe inside the penis). After you have finished, given it a good shake, slap the sides of the urinal to impress the guy next to you, squeeze the base of the underside of the penis just where it joins the abdomen. This will force out that last drop. A sigh of relief goes round Britain!

    unless your talking really bad...
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    Well I dont think I Have a UTI and maybe I will have to try the shaking thing more, and maybe stand there longer before I zip up. You know Diapers are much easier

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    There have been several threads on male post-void drips. It is a normal thing that is experienced by a large percentage of males on the planet... don't worry about it.

    As the old saying goes... "No matter how you shake and dance, the last few drops go in your pants."

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    Thanks Dark Finn, I guess since its a little problem and if I dont wear a diaper, I could just wear guards in my undies and the problem is solved

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    just wear thicker briefs... there is a reason that double front-panel was created

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    Well I could, but where can you buy them besides Tiger Briefs? They are sorta spendy

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    Ouch a kidney stone...I dread I never have one of those.

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