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    Well, so, I just managed to get a 21" CRT monitor, for 5 bucks. Complete with Separate Sync, and everything. It's a Compaq P110. It has two inputs: 1 straight-up VGA, and 1 5-BNC to 1 VGA output. This is the one I'm interested in. Is there any way that I could possibly [This one is kinda aimed at mm3] hook a 360/ other RGB cabled device into these BNC jacks? I understand I'd have to most likely add BNC ends to the cables, but what I figured is, I have RGB, and I have RGBHV, so, RGB=RGB // HV left over. I understand from simple thought that the HV would most likely have to be supplied with a sync timing still, so my plan is either to build a circuit board to do that, if possible, or just do it the lazy way, if also possible, and leave the HV connected to the monitor, with the VGA cable there connected to the computer. So, what I want to do is essentially:

    R ..G .B .H .V
    || || || || ||
    || || || || ||
    || || || || ||
    -XBOX--|| ||
    ---- - - || ||
    ---- - - || ||
    ---- - - || ||
    ---- - - VGA
    ---- - -- ||
    ---- - -- PC's graphics card/Circuit Board

    Thus, the XBOX 360 is supplying the RGB, and the PC or circuit is supplying the Horizontal and Vertical signals. Any idea if this is possible? I understand if this is a completely impossible idea, but it was just a hairbrained scheme I had.

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    I confused, RGBHV is whats supplied the the D-Sub VGA connection. It's just one connection with a few wires for a couple of other things. But the main image is encoded as RGBHV. The AV cables from the XBox 360 is composite and YPbPr as well as RCA stereo.

    Does the xbox have VGA/RGB output support? I don't own one and Haven't seen it used like that. If it does, I can't see a problem, just ensure you got all 5 BNCs from the same source. Because why would you hook the HV from something else (I have never tried it, but may have some interesting results).

    HV has to go with RGB. I don't get how it can work without unless your confusing it with YPbPr.

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    Whoops, I guess I did mess up. I suppose I did kinda assume waay too much. I just assumed RGB = RGB... [My friend did a bit of replacing the ends of the HD output, so now, it is just standard RCA colored ends, but they serve the same function as whatever was there. I just assumed as how he labeled it [R/G/B] that it was RGB. And you can have RGB without HV, as some of the cheaper monitors have it [Sync On Green, using only 3 BNC connectors]. Just as you can have a 4 BNC Composite Sync, as opposed to the 5 BNC Seperate Sync type I have.

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