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    What camcorder do you have?
    What media does it use?
    what year did you buy it?
    If you can change 5 things about your camcorder what would you change?
    What would you rate your camcorder overall?
    Rating system is 1-10. 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.
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    I have a flip camcorder. I forget the media it uses but will check it out later ^^. I bought it for my 17th b-day, so 2008, and I wouldn't change it for the world ^^. And what's the rating system? :p

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    I don't have a camcorder (well I have a really old one...How old? Well it takes VHS tapes and it's about as big as current laptops, or bigger) I do have a camera that can record videos though...I forget what it's called. It's something from Sony, and it has a big ass lens thing

    I think this is the same camcorder I was talking about, actually.

    This is the camera

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    JVC KY-27 camera head with Sony PVV-1 AP dockable recorder and Canon YJ17x9.5B4 opticals. Technically, it's not a "camcorder" but a "dockable" because the recorder, although attached to the camera body, is not integrated in it. It records on BetacamSP tapes.

    It's not the newest camera around - I bought it second hand in 2003 - but it still delivers better footage than a lot of the new digital cameras, both SD ones (like DVCAM/DV cameras) and HD/HDV ones. Talk about good old things made to last through time.

    I also have an old Canon XM-1 which I hardly ever use (except when I'm on holiday) because it doesn't meet anymore my quality standards for professional production.

    And in case you were wondering, yes, I have a video production studio...

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