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Thread: What's in YOUR name?

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    Default What's in YOUR name?

    Originally made as a response to DominatingMommy's intro thread, this could be in admin stuff - but the ideal home would be as a thread in the hypothetical Newbies' Forum to give a little guidance to lurkers as to how to pick a good user name.

    As to names... What's in a name? Well names like Raccoon, Moo, Peachy, Martin, while distinct on this forum, are common enough in the world at large that googling does not zoom the searcher straight to the user and his elsewhere details. This is a security feature. "Anonymous" is the ultimate example of this.

    Kaishen or Babyjunior is the opposite to this; the name is distinct on the web and does lead to a person's website or other place they want you to go; they want the limelight. It is implied that they are confidant about their personal security on the web.

    Incompletedude or Redtails or Eclipse deliberately suggests, accurately or not some aspect of personality, especially combined with an avi pic; Floydfan88 or Hata even more clearly suggests one of the user's interests.

    PamPered18921 is typical of someone trying to be a bit anonymous but at the same time says that they self-identify with the fetishistic side of themselves, to the point it subsumes other sides of themself. This is not a hard and fast rule; some people with such a username are great members. But it is a red flag and people with such names tend to have an eye kept on them; they may be shied away from until they have established who they are through interaction.

    "DominatingMommy" does suggest she emphasizes what the name suggests. This is only one side of her though, and I can assure everyone that she is fun to interact with on many topics outside of bdsm, such as strawberries. Nonetheless a name like this will be taken as an invitation to and by subby people, like Babyme would suggest the user is looking for caregivers.

    Mentioning a detail like this says volumes about the person in a short space and is a very good intro-thread technique; other examples include I am a lifeguard, I have 4 boxes running linux, I am the CFO of a midcap-corporation, or I learned Norwegian so I could read Ibsen in the original.
    So what's the significance of or meaning behind YOUR username? What is the combination of your username with your avi meant to say about you?
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    My username is retarded... I'd change it if I could. /praystogodsofSQL

    My normal username (which I do not and would not use on AB sites) combines cute with evil. Everyone loves dichotomies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babydry79 View Post
    My username is retarded... I'd change it if I could. /praystogodsofSQL

    My username is just a name. I'm not sure why I chose it really, I would have used my rather boring regular username if this had not been a fetish site, so I had to come up with something else.
    I like the name Charlie, as it sounds nice, it's quite a soft name.
    Plus I don't know anybody called Charlie; I don't know why that's important but it is.

    The F is in there for a bit of mystery.

    My username does not interact with my avatar at all really, I just think mew is cute and friendly looking- a bit like the name 'Charlie'.

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    I wanted to meld AB with my love of bears.

    I've gone under this name for 5 years since I felt I needed something that separated this interest from others.

    What is ironic is the spelling with an 'i' which might be more typical of a female's spelling, complete with a little heart for the dot of the eye. Even more amusing is that a few weeks ago, someone signed up on ADISC as babybear and they appear to be female

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    I was bored with my last name and took a quick look at a stack of NES cartridges I had lying around on my desk. For no particular reason except for is sounding vaguely cool, I chose to use The Adventures of Rad Gravity as a new name.

    You may now feel free to speculate on the origins of my avatar

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    aj - being my initials, and sco for scotland (and my CoD clan tag). Simples.

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    My name doesn't mean much, Noah is just a name I like and Kokoro is heart in japanese

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    bless you... I'll have to pick something mildly random as I think the one I'd pick is already taken, but anything is better than the current one...

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    Soren is my real name.

    456 is my disguise.

    EDIT: My current avatar is taken from a photo by ajsco (with his permission). It's a sheep and it made me laugh when I first saw it.

    I highly recommend a glance at some of his beautiful work:
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