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    Red face Bim Bam Bozzle!

    About Me
    Well, I'm Abby. I used to go by another name, and I go by lots of other names other places.... but at ADISC, I am the one & only Abby. I am currently 18, and I'll be 19 on the thirteenth of August this year. That means I can drink, since I'm from Ontario, Canada.

    I spend a lot of my time working, and saving up for college. In September I'll be taking Nursing, at the College in my city. Eventually, I want to do something more with my education, I'm not 100% sure, I just know I like to learn.

    I have lots of hobbies. My main hobby is reading. I love, love, LOVE reading. I own hundreds upon hundreds of books, and I've read almost all of them. My favorite authors include V.C. Andrews, Jodi Picoult and J.K. Rowling. I enjoy all types of books, opposed to just one genre. I like reading about children, people my age (Gossip Girl, anyone?) and I like reading about crimes, like murder, rape, and any book that includes police officers, judges, lawyers, etc... I have a weird taste, but it's alright.

    I also enjoy watching television. I have several favorite series that I try to watch on a regular basis, but it's hard when I work all the time, so I usually end up catching them online later. I like Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Hannah Montana, Law & Order: SVU, and House. I also enjoy movies. I don't like wasting money on theatres, so I usually wait until they come out on PPV, and I watch them there.

    I'm addicted to coffee. I drink at least a pot of coffee a day, and I can drink up to 10 pots of coffee in a day, depending on where I'm going, who I'm with, and what I'm doing. Coffee doesn't have an effect on me. It doesn't keep me up, nor does it put me to sleep. I just know I enjoy it. Whenever I like something, I *really* like it. I have an addictive personality. I don't ever just do things half-assed. I either want to do it, and I do it my best, or I don't want to do it, and it doesn't get done. My obsessions can be healthy, and not so healthy, just like they can be good for me (I have been addicted to studying, or a specific class) and vice versa. All I know is that I go through lots of phases of obsession.

    I'm extremely critical of myself and other people, often downplaying achievements and talents. If things aren't done the best, then there is no point in being proud of it. I know my logic is flawed, and it's bad to think that way, but that's just the way I am. I think in doing that, it makes me modest when it comes to my accomplishments, but at the sametime, I can be quite the negative nelly, and I'm not the most supportive person. I do, however, love to help people. Oh, and I have somewhat of a god-complex.

    As a general rule, I'm a really big ass kisser and people pleaser. I just have this gift, I gues you can call it. I know what people want, and I can give it to them. I may be considered "fake" because I always have that horrid grin plastered on my face, and I'm like annoying little rays of sunshine, but I don't really care. It's gotten me places. However, if people get on my bad side... welp... sucks for them. I don't hold grudges, but I can be quite malicious when I'm angry. Aside from that, I'm a nice mix of someone who's laid back, and really tense. I like to think I have my priorities straight, but as long as what I need to get done is done, I'm down for some silly fun. However, if I'm stressed I get pretty snippy and crazy. I try to keep on a schedule, even though it doesn't work too well. I'm a procrastinator, and I'm always just on time. I also contradict myself a lot, mainly becuase I have a hard time making decisions, and sticking with them.

    Umm, my clothing style is pretty typical. I wouldn't call it girly, or any label, really. I just wear whats on sale (unless it's really cute), and what people give me. For hair and makeup and things, I guess I'm pretty average when it comes to that, too. I like doing my hair and makeup sometimes, but I'm not one of those girls who HAS to do it before I leave the house. If I have time, I'll doll myself up, if I don't have time, oh well.

    So, to sum it all up, I'm a typical person with a few quirks. I don't stand out of the pickle jar, but I never go unnoticed.

    How did I become ABDL?
    I'm a daddys girl at heart, and I think that plays a big factor in me being an LG (little girl). I never grew up with a father, and all of the men who have been in my life were gone within the year, or even the month, or week. I was never able to get close to anyone, but I always longed for a daddy to hold, and love, and cuddle and kiss me. I'm hoping one day I'll get that, even if I am a bit older.

    I have memories from very young, things that stand out over other memories. I remember one little girl, she must have been 1 or 2, I was 3, and I just remember her mom walking down the street with her and she had no pants on. I remember having 2 accidents, one when I was sleeping, and another when I was trying to hold it so I could get dressed before I went to the bathroom, it ended up all over the floor. I was so ashamed I wiped it up with a whole roll of toilet paper in hopes of my mom not finding it. In both of these incidences I was 3.

    When I was five my mom bought me diapers for my doll, and I used one and tried to dispose of it. She asked me what I was doing so I told her nothing and threw it under the kitchen sink. She came into my room a few minutes later and asked what I was doing; and I insisted it was my doll that did it. She told me never to do it again. Around that time I also found out 2 things, one that I liked taking the bath mat and making it into a diaper around me, and 2, that I liked piling my pillows up on one side, the wall on the other and pretending I was in a crib. I remember my mom was pregenant with my brother, and she peed her pants. I laughed my arse off, and my grama yelled at me. I brought my friends inside and showed them her wet pants that were still on the bathroom floor. While I was quite cruel about it, it intrigued me. While my mom was still pregnant, we went to the cottage with her friend and her son. I had a fit in the car and cried for at least an hour because my mom didn’t let me sit in the pulldown carseat like her friends son did. When we got to the cottage finally they were still cleaning it, and I had to pee. Moms friends son just pulled it out and went. The water was too cold, and the cottage wasn’t done, so my mom told me to just go in my pants. I was too embarrassed so I held it. When we got into the cottage I ran to the bathroom, and I had a wet spot on my underwear.

    When I was eight I went to camp. The girl who slept under me wore goodnites (Old white style). The night before we left one girl commented on how it smelt like a babies room because she kept her wet goodnites in a bag. Every other girl, including me, jumped on the mean girl because she was rude. Me, and the girl next to me offered to wear a goodnight that night to sleep to make her feel better. The girl who wet the bed said she only brought enough for one each night, and we tried to coax her into wearing a wet one so we could wear one to make her feel better, we didn’t end up doing it. She told us a story about how she peed her pants one time, I still remember that story.

    When I was ten I went to Girl Guide camp. I had an accident on the way to the bathroom, and my underwear was wet and stained yellow. I hid them behind the toilet in the stall and put my shorts back on since they weren’t -too- wet. One of the girls found them and told the counselor. They were trying to figure out who they belonged to, but none of the girls figured out it was me. One counselor (I forget her name, but she was my favorite) that night while we were inside the rec. building due to rain, took me aside because I looked sad. We walked to an empty room and I ended up telling her that I had an accident and they were mine. She gave me a huge hug, and she held me next to her for what must have been at least 18 or 20 minutes. I felt so secure - the day I was leaving camp she wrote in my notebook her phone number and address and she only lived about 18 blocks away. I visited her a few times that summer after camp and she was like a big sister… I lost contact that winter, I was never able to find her after that.

    When I was eleven I started wetting my pants. My mom asked me one time after finding a few pairs (Or maybe more, not too sure) if I was having some problems. I told her no - I remember she gave me a funny look and left it at that. I always wondered if she suspected something, or if she truly thought I was having accidents during the day or at night.

    When I was twelve we got our first computer with dialup internet. I remember searching bedwetting randomly one night, and came up with wetbusters and the goodnites board. I pretended that I had wetting problems and chatted there for a few months… one night in the wetbusters chatroom, Yior was mentioned. I went there and finally learned what an ab/dl was… and what I was. I ordered a free sample of Tena underpants. I did some stupid things - one of which included me going on webcam for an old man, and changing my Tena for him, he coaxed me to go slower, wipe slower, make sure I got “all clean” etc… I remember I did, and I’m quite ashamed of it now. I met a guy there who sent me a big box of diapers, I think he was my “daddy.” I forget now - but anyways I never got the package. I was afraid one day that my mom would find out so I never went to the post office to get it - and I went offline. By the time that I dissapeared out of the community, I was 13, and I had started my first 2 stories.

    Even though I didn’t keep contact with any abdl’s… I regularly ordered Tena samples, and read Tiffanys Diaper Tales, and The Double Life of Ariel Crawford. I even went as far as printing both of them and putting them in a binder so I could read them over and over. My friend found TDT the one time… She said “Diaper Tales” with a smirk on her face. I told her it was reasearch and that was that. My brother found my stash of diapers, and he blackmailed me for about a week, and ended up forgetting about it.

    About when I was fourteen my Grama moved in. I started ordering TONS of the Tena samples, and wore them a lot. I suspect my grama knew, I would wear them with short-shorts, to the point where anyone could notice without looking intensly at my bum. When she moved out, I was going through her drawers and found a wet Tena. I never knew if she kept that as one of mine to show my mom and never did, or if it was hers, and she was ashamed that she used it and put it there. I still, to this day, do not know.

    When I was fifteen I got my own computer. I rediscovered the scene, and I have been around ever since, without any major absent periods. I’ve bought myself diapers and have had them shipped to me, as well as some baby clothing/things… and no one has suspected a thing. However, there have been times where my moms boyfriend has made comments that have me wondering if he knows something... but it's never went beyond that. Frankly, I could care less these days.

    Little Me...
    Now what about little me? My littles name is still Mandi. When I'm regressed, I'm a 4 year old bratty little girl. I like to have my hair in pigtails or braids, so it doesn't get in my hair. I also like pretty bows and clips in my hair. I love to do simple things, like bake cookies (with daddys help of course!) and play at the park. I love barbies, dollies, My Little Pony, Care Bears, and anything that is pink. I'm strong-willed, and I always wanna have my way, even if it gets me into trouble sometimes. I wet the bed, and I still have day-time accidents, and that's where the diapers come in. (Even though during the day I only need, and prefer, pullups) I am also a bit forgetful and clumsy, and so sippy cups come in handy, and I always need to be reminded of things. One of my favorite things to do is snuggle up in bed, and cuddle and watch a movie.

    My Role on
    When it comes to ADISC... I write the newsletter. That includes creating images, finding news, birthdays, interviewing people, picking popular threads and other types of threads, and coordinating it into one page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    TL;DR D:

    Seriously though, welcome to the site Abby

    Bah I know, it is long. D=

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    Ah... my (second) favorite diapered girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Ah... my (second) favorite diapered girl.
    I figured I was, but where does Abby stand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I figured I was, but where does Abby stand?
    lol, that was pretty funny

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    Welcome to another Hannah Montana fan! I also happen to like Gossip Girl.

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    Guys quit saying welcome >.> I've been here forever! Haha do you really, mooster? Welcome to the dark side.

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    Yup I'm serious, I do like Hannah Montana!
    Mix it all together and you get the best of both worlds
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