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Thread: Do suck Paci/Thumb while falling asleep?

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    Default Do suck Paci/Thumb while falling asleep?

    While falling asleep do you like to suck your thumb or a pacifier??

    I haven't tried it yet with a pacifier. But i went to walmart at like 3 AM, and bought 1, well 2 they came together today/night what ever you wanna call it. I work overnight so 6 AM is my bed time.

    An i don't like sucking my thumb at all.

    Update: Well for my self.
    Today i used a Paci while falling asleep for the first time. I enjoyed it just as much as being diapered while sleeping. Not sure y, but i do sleep better diapered or with a Paci. I was thinking about going back to diaper's while i sleep again, Did the towel trick a few times, but on my way to walmart to get some, i decided a Paci would be cheaper and easier to hide.
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    yup, I suck on my paci during my afternoon nap, but only when no ones around, or the door was locked. But the paci still stays on after my sleep, it really soothe me. Because of that I have a hard time to fall asleep at night as my mum is home and I cant just suck on the paci in my sleep, she might unlocked the door and see me, and I cant live with the consequences of that, if it ever happens.

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    I said other because most of the time I don't. However I have used a "paci" (or dummy as we Brits call them). Surprisingly I can fall asleep with one in and it stays in all night usually.

    However I find my mouth feels bad after using one, so I don't do it much.

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    I'd like to but I find it to be uncomfortable after a while and typically take it out. Perhaps it's something that I just have to get used to.

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    I've gotten used to sleeping with one. I only go without if I'm having allergy issues and can't breath through my nose.

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    I put other because I can suck on my thumb or paci, but I dont have a paci at the moment. I do have a thumb, but I dont suck on that very much.

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    I sometimes have the paci/dummy in to relax until I'm very drowsy but I often get uncomfortable and let it drop out before falling asleep. I know this is slightly gross but the presence of an object keeping my mouth from closing makes me drowl too much!

    Do any other people find the most relaxing thing about a paci/dummy is the shield part pressed up against your mouth?

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    Back when I used to have my paci, It would just be that there was something inside of my mouth. It really comforted me to suck on it for that reason I guess. The fact that there is something pressing up against my lips does help to. Theres just something about having somthing inside my mouth as I fall asleap that soothes me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elli View Post

    Do any other people find the most relaxing thing about a paci/dummy is the shield part pressed up against your mouth?

    I have a problem with clenching at night, so the paci acts as a mouthguard for me too. I've cracked my teeth at night and used to have scar tissue on my tongue from it getting caught in my teeth at night. I'd often wake up in pain noticing that I was biting the hell out of my tongue.

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    Well I used a Paci while falling asleep. I have to say i liked it ALLOT. I sleep during the day so my mom is at work till but PM. So I'm up before she gets home. An even if she walks in while I'm asleep with one, Well its her fault :\, granted yes she didn't know walking in that i would have a Paci. Maybe better this than a diaper?? idk

    I was really surprised to find it still in my mouth when i woke up. Made it much easier to find lol

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