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    Smile Boots

    I am going to get some adult diapers today from Boots the pharmacy. I was wandering if anyone had been there before, where in the store are the adult diapers usually near and what they have to offer?


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    Usually in the feminine hygiene product section or near the baby nappies, as for products TENA are the most likely as well as boots stay dry, if you go to a large boots they may have depends

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    From what I've heard, Boots isn't the best place to get them. They have their own brand (apparently worse than El Depende) and Los Dependieros. Neither of which are good at all.

    I might be wrong though.

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    From what I've heard, Boots Stay Dry aren't very good, last maybe 1 wetting at the most. I don't think there are any more nappies sold by Boots, the rest are pullups.

    Have you tried ordering off the internet? I know you can now buy pre-paid debit cards that you can use on the internet, if you'd prefer not to use your own?

    Also, I know my town used to have a Mobility centre (disability stuff), and they had lots of types of nappies - but I'm not sure how you're meant to buy from them - but I always assumed if you went in all sheepish and said you had to get them for your gran, they'd help out...

    Hope this helps!

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    Last time I looked, all I could find was belted stuff, which were total rubbish. They do however sell Drynites also (in the baby section), which is an option if you can fit into them (they're not great, but if you're after something rather than nothing, it's an option).

    Oh, and some branches stuff this kind of stuff near the medical counter and I've had a situation before where the staff will come over asking if I need help.

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    I have a fair bit of experience with buying from Boots, as it was my only source for some time. And I still buy from Boots now, even though I have Kendall Lille and Tender-Care ones, because Boots Stay-Dry do have some advantages. Heres what I know:

    What they sell: As others have said, Boots sell their own 'Stay Dry' range and also Tena pads and 'Discreet' Pull-ups. They do sell Depend Pull-ups too, in some larger stores.

    Finding them: If you are looking for actual nappy-type ones with tapes rather than pullups, Boots do sell these within their Stay-Dry range but frustratingly they seem to only stock them in some stores. You'd think the stores that stock them would be the larger stores, but I have been in numerous large city-centre Boots stores have not found them there. The only Boots store I find them in is a small store in a town where a near-by larger Boots store doesn't stock them. Strange hey?

    The actual nappy-type ones with tapes have a mis-leading name. On the packet they are called 'Stay-Dry Pull Up Briefs'. But they are not pull-ups at all!! Look at the little diagram on the bottom front of the packet. This picture will show if it has tapes.

    Where in the store: It is common for incontinence products to be in the same aisle as the 'feminine hygiene' products. But not always. In some Boots stores, there will be some thinner Tena pads near the tampons etc but in a seperate aisle you will find the adult pull-ups or nappies. So, if you see a small range of pads but no adult pull-ups or nappies, look around a bit more. If you're nervous about looking around, maybe have a couple of other things on your list, things you'd buy anyway (don't want to waste money) like body-spray or shampoo. Generally though, relax because the staff aren't looking at what you're buying, they only care that you're not stealing!

    Product features and quality:

    Absorbency: The Stay-Dry nappy-type briefs have a capacity of 1256ml according to the packet. The pad part is not shaped like other brands, it is a long rectangluar shape, rather than broadening out at the back and front. Standing up, these nappies have taken a (very) full bladder and mess. Sitting down, they leak, but I have yet to find a nappy that doesn't do this.

    Fit: The Stay-Dry nappy comes in one size as far as I know. The packet says it fits up to 52 inch hips (133cm). I doubt there are many people too big for this nappy. The side panels are long and even though I am not small, I have taken to cutting some of the front side panel off before fitting to make it neater and reduce the amount of material to rustle. There are four tapes and elastic on the waist.

    Material: The Stay-Dry nappies are the cotton-like backing type. Generally this makes them quieter. There are plastic 'landing zone' squares on the sides to 'aid refitting of the brief' (packet blurb). As I say, I'm not super-small but I have to do up these nappies tighter than using these 'landing zones' would allow, pulling the tapes further on round to the front and sticking there. So, to me the landing zones are no use at all. Worse though, after a bit of wearing, these plastic 'landing zones' get wriggled up and sound crinkly. Stay-Dry nappies don't come up so far (below belly button) and are less likely to stick out, so they're good for being discreet. This is why I continue to buy them, for wearing in places where I'm still a little worried about them being noticed. The cotton-feel material lets more air through which helps in avoiding a rash.

    Tapes: The tapes stick well the first time, but once you've stuck them to the cotton-feel backing, you cannot reuse them. They lose their stickiness completely. I swear by using a small bit of double-sided tape to 'restickify' the nappy tapes and re-use.

    Other features: These nappies have a wetness indicator (yellow line turns blue). Other than this they are plain white and maybe even a little more babyish-looking than the slightly clinical look of other brands. That's really all about personal preference and opinion though. They come in packs of 8.

    Overall...I am glad to have managed to get some other nappies as well as these Boots brand ones. They are hardly the pinnacle of adult nappy experience. But, when you haven't got access to anything else, these are really not so bad. Better than pull-ups by far. Maybe they are better for people who like to wear around but only wet in private when they can change easily if there are any mishaps, leaks etc.

    Let us know what you find!

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    Hey benny, how did it go?

    I saw them once in Boots. They wern't diapers, mainly pull ups and old people protection rubbish things lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    and old people protection rubbish things lol.
    Most the adult diapers on sale are primarily targeted at old people though

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    Hi there!
    I went to Boots and was a bit nervous so basically grabbed a pack of Depends and legged it to the counter! They were Depend Pants for Women and I've used about 8 of them now and so far they haven't been great. They leak easily and can't hold more than one wetting.
    Anyway, I have been looking at some of the StayDry products but I can't seem to find any fitted nappies. They all seem to be pull-ups. So could someone please post me a link to these nappies or some other widely available ones from the UK. If I can't find any, I might get some drynites next time I go but I really want to try fitted nappies for the first time.

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