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Thread: I told my wife!

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    Default I told my wife!

    Well back in March I was on here asking for advice about telling my wife (thanks everyone who responded). Last night I finally just bit the bullet and told her.

    So I am sure everyone would like to know her response. Well - she is so far completely ok with it. She wished I would of told her sooner but she understands why I was afraid to tell her. She says she loves me no matter what and if this is part of me then she is ok with it. She has said I do not have to hide wearing them anymore. If I want to wear one around the house then go for it. She told me to put them in my bottom drawer.

    When I told her that I like to wear to bed once in a while cause it is stress relieving, she said I can wear them to bed if I want. She even told me if I wanted to wear to bed that night I could. I decided not to, just cause I did not want to overwhelm her too much.

    She is accepting but a little shocked. I will update on how things go over the next few weeks.

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    Wow! well hopefully everything works and that you and her are happy.

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    Congrats on telling and getting such an accepting response. Just don't make things uncomfortable for her.

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    Im glad she is accepting. I think that we all need one person that we can talk to about this. Im glad you have found that one person. I hope everything goes well.

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    Best of luck - kudos to you for having the guts to tell someone! I'm just coming to terms with it, about to buy my first nappy in the next few weeks, but I just think I'd need to know a deep secret about someone in return/first before I was comfortable!

    But well done again, and I hope it turns out as well as you hope! Let us all know how it all progresses though, I'll be waiting in anticipation!

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    Last night my wife told me if I wanted to wear a diaper to bed I could. So I did! We cuddled before going asleep and she felt the diaper quickly with her hand. She usually sleeps in later than me, so when I was getting out of bed she looked up and saw me wearing my diaper (lightly wet), this was the first time her seeing me wear. She asked if I slept good, which I did not really (just odd sleeping in bed with my wife while I was diapered). I am sure I will sleep deeper as I relax about wearing around my wife.

    I gotta say - My wife is fantastic and so understanding. I love her so much!

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    Nice, I totally understand.
    I bet it feels like a big weight has been lifted off you. Keeping such a big secret from someone you love is difficult, but the fear of something going wrong if it's revealed is tough.
    I also wear to bed. I wear boxers over my diaper so my wife doesn't have to touch the plastic if she doesn't want to. The kind with the wide elastic at the waist work best, especially if the diaper doesn't have very good waist elastic.
    It will take some time to just relax and sleep well, just getting used to sleeping while wearing is tough for some people, never mind with a partner.
    Take it slow, good luck.

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    Congrats on tell your wife, glad everything worked out for you

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