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    How much do they usually charge per hour average? I would like to go see one to talk about some of my problems and see if we could get to the root of them. I would also like to do this without my parents knowing as plausable is this?

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    I don;t know about charges (Hurrah for socialised medicine!) I live in the UK and after years of struggling to cope undiagnosed with depression, I went to my GP (family doctor) and he prescribed me meds (Prozac) and referred me to a Psychiatrist and a counsellor.
    That was in the autumn of last year and now I am almost completely fine - so I vote for getting psych help with problems if you think you need it.
    I did this with minimal involvement from my parents - I'm 21 so neither I nor the doctor *have* to tell them anything - the doc isn't even legally allowed to.

    For you - I don't know - when is your birthday? How urgent are your problems? do you think you're seriously mentally ill? (or even suspect you might be?)

    If you think you are ill - see if you can get an appointment with your doctor (tell your parents a little white lie if you have too) and get seen.

    happy to chat (msn) if you'd like

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    I am 17, birthday in Feb. My problems aren't like horrible, they can be on certin days, but for the most part I am okay. There are times that I get really depressed, but thankfully those times aren't that often.

    Could I have your MSN to talk with you about this subject?

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    Look for counseling, not psychiatry.

    Do your parents have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) at work? If so, this provides services such as counseling to them and to their family members. It's not uncommon.

    Access may be difficult without their knowing of it. Try first to find out if they have one, then go from there.

    Good luck.

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    A psychologist (more like a counselor) is a little more up your alley. In my experience psychiatrists are pill pushers and aren't really interested in working with you to solve problems, just find out enough about you so they can give you a pill to make everything better.

    My psychologist charges a $30 copay, and I've been on like 3 different insurance plans with different companies and the rate hasn't changed. If you didn't have health insurance that covered it then you'd have a very expensive problem on your hands. Of course a highschool counselor or psychologist can prove to be a valuable resource if you show the interest and the need.

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    Well I don't know about costs. Sorry I can't help you there.

    I think that perhaps you want a counsellor. A psychiatrist specialises in conditions, whereas a counsellor is more meant to discuss your problems. So I would guess that would probably be better. Just make sure if you do get one you are happy with them. I have heard tales of psychiatrists and counsellors with very set opinions and beliefs who cause more harm than good.

    As for evading your parents notice, that is going to be difficult. To do that you will have to pay it yourself, have a valid excuse for going out at what will probably be the same time each week. Unless you would rather not go than to tell them, it is probably better that you try to get some sessions organised with there help. They might be able to get something through their jobs, as people said, they will probably support you in terms of paying for it, and they will probably try to get you the best they can, if they care about at all. Also, if you keep it secret, it'll almost certainly be a matter of when they find out, not if. When they do find out you are going to have some explaining to do not only as to why you want to go, but also why you hid it from them. If they care at all the fact you hid it from them will probably really hurt them.

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    I agree, you definitely want a counselor. I think being your age, though, you're going to have to tell your parents about it. If you try to pay for it yourself without health insurance, I don't think you'll be able to keep going and it will be very expensive. If you try to use their health insurance (can you even do that when you're under 18??), they'll absolutely find out as there will be a form sent in the mail.

    Either way, I hope you decide to tell your parents and that their reaction to it is supportive. Being 17 and deciding that you need to go is a really mature thing to do. It'll pay off, I think.

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    Mine charges $190 for a 45 minute session. With my old insurance I paid a $15 copay. My "new and improved" insurance pays $110 per session. My Dr. dropped his rate for me to $140 so its like a $30 copay. Many good doctors will work with you to help you afford threapy.

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    okay...i can deal with this myself. Fuck paying that much!!! It is not worth it

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    I'm sorry it that way for you. I wish I'd gone in my teens instead if waiting untill my 40s. Don't give up! If going on your parents insurance is totally out of the question in a year or two you will likley have your own and no one else will have to know what you are using it for.

    Hang in there.


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