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Thread: Should I be concerned?

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    Default Should I be concerned?

    My nephew who is 10 has had some weird behaviors lately. We came in after being out side and I was watching tv. He wasent paying atention. then a diaper ad came on. He then look at the Tv with intrest and he was a little wide eyed. Should I be concerned. also he likes to be held and carryed.

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    No... you shouldn't at all.

    Some children are just regressive that way, it don't mean shit.

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    I'd say no you shouldn't be.

    It might have been a coincidence, and as an AB you might just be picking up on stuff that isn't really there. The advert might just have had something interesting about it.
    Maybe the voice-over was recognisable, or maybe the advert was humorous.

    As for being held and carried... well everybody likes being held, and for being carried... maybe he's just lazy?

    I wouldn't think much of it if I was you. If he consistently does stuff like that, well maybe... otherwise, forget about it I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    If he consistently does stuff like that, well maybe... otherwise, forget about it I think.
    He dose this stuff alot I just notice it more.

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    It is always possible this 10yo lad is a latent (potential) infantilist. It is as likely he is not.

    What is important is to help everyone in the family accept this lad as he is. Keeping communication with him open and friendly will become super vital should he start to act-out in more obvious regressive behavior ways. Perhaps with your own background you will be in the best position to help him learn to use common sense.

    There still is a mirror site of the When Kids Love Diapers (WKLD)

    When Kids Love Diapers

    This was created to provide perplexed parents and relatives with some useful suggestions. At this time a committee from a coalition of child advocacy charity organizations is trying to open a set of websites dealing with difficult to explain parenting issues. Included will be a modern and safe version of WKLD as well as a site about contemporary toilet learning.

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    I wouldn't think anything of it, and I certainly wouldn't be concerned about it. Kids that age love to be picked up and held. Most certainly just a coincidence.

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    How do you say it . . . . ?

    "Overblown and unnecessary"?

    Yeah, that's about right.

    Leave him alone.

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    I'm sure it's nothing, but it wouldn't hurt to watch him alittle closer.

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    I think that you are reading a little bit too much into this, he is only 10, but you never know.

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    I think it's possible that you are fantasizing.

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