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Thread: Disposing of Disposables

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    Default Disposing of Disposables

    So - got my first pack of disposables through the mail today.
    (From Nanny Amy AB Dreams - Adult Baby Nursery with Nanny Amy UK Midlands who does 5 Tena Superplus for 10 including p&p which is, yes a high unit price, but she does send them very well double wraped in brown paper and a bin liner so you can pass it off as a new sweater from Ebay - helps to maintain cover if you actually do buy a new sweater and keep it handy for cover... but I ramble )

    So back on topic, the situation is this:
    One of them has been well used (it was everything I hoped for from my first disposable - except the babysitter fairy to go with but anyway.)
    For me a disposable is the only TRUE diaper.
    Let;s face it, a towel is still a towel even when you twist it and pin it on inside some old shorts.
    A disposable is a DIAPER it has no other function.
    But the biggest atraction of disposables is their biggest weakness:
    a cloth diaper is also a towel, once you've washed it, it's a towel again.
    Picture the scene:
    (with cloth)
    Your Mum: Oh thanks hon, you washed your clothes and the towels from the bathroom too!
    (with disposables)
    Your Mum: What the Fuck? where did this used adult diaper in the trash come form???!!! Do YOU know anything about this???!!!

    You get the picture?
    Tips for subtle disposal of disposables please.. and hurry people will be home soon!

    Don't worry I'm not _that_ clueless. My plan is to bundle it up inside some plastic shopping bags, and take it on a little walk later - dump it in a public bin as subtle as I can. Not perfect but better than -
    1. putting it in the household trash, which since the advent of recycling collection in this county is mostly food waste - paper, plastic ect. going to be sorted and used again - therefore plastic bags in the trash will look suspicious.
    2. putting it in an a neighbours wheelie bin - a bit better perhaps, but then do you want to run the risk of them looking out the window and shouting
    "Oi! what did you just throw in there?"

    soo... how do you dispose of disposables - and do you think they're worth the hassle?

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    best bet would be to put them in either ur neighbours bucket or someone down the road.

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    Double bag it and toss it in... or you can be the "good son" and take out the trash from the whole house... just put the used diaper in the big bag of kitchen trash, food scraps, and etc.

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    @darkfinn sorry I should have explained - the fact that theirs only food waste in there means the trash rarely needs emptying... but I think in future that will be my method - I'll restrict my diaper play to days when I can plausibly toss the whole thing...
    No one will suspect - Mwahaha!

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    I do the neighbor's trick at night. I got a basement door that's easy to get out of, just put it in some plastic bags and walk it under the cover of darkness to my neighbor's house. All you hafta do is hide it for a few hours, which is easy enough.

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    If you have a bin in your own room, or you can hold on to some clean-ish rubbish from throughout the day (food wrappers etc) you could put the nappy in a bag with other rubbish around it to give it a more normal appearence at a glance. However, just note that people might wonder why you throw out so many bags of rubbish and people may work out who it belongs to by the things you put in it (e.g. bus ticket to somewhere you go or an empty container of something you use).

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    That's why I never put any incriminating information in my diaper trash -- to reduce the risk of identification. I have a dumpster at the office that I dump my stuff in (of course I go early before anybody else is there)...

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    just double bag it in a plastic bag and stick it in your backpack.

    the next time u leave the house toss it in any random trash basket.

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    riddle I dunno what kind of cloth diapers you're thinking of but mine are 2 ply terry plus 2 ply soaker in between. Elastics, velcros, and the all important plastic pants. Now I don't have to worry about getting caught since such a thing is no longer possible. However cloth diapers screams ' not experimenting, in it for the long haul '.

    Anyway just time things right so that you wear just before trash is due. Double bag is reccomended.

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    babykitty - I'm thinking about "homemade" cloth diapers as in a couple fluffy towels and a couple pins.

    But even with the good ones - disposable is still better than cloth

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