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Thread: Stupid things you did while wearing in public

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    Default Stupid things you did while wearing in public

    So you know what I realized when I got home from some shopping yesterday while wearing an Abena Super? My fly was down.

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    There are no accidents.

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    Changing against a tree at 5am while going to work. It was dark and I was on a road without streetlights, but someone honked at me. I didn't aim my throw right and the diaper landed in someones truck...


    And of course when your uniform is black... someones gonna notice lol, I had my truck over with the tailights on so that probably added to suspicion.

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    i can't really think of any...i try to be careful when I am out and about, and I have only worn once in public...

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    I realized that I had the back of the diaper sticking out of my pants after I had worn to the grocerystore or something like that. Haha. I didnt even know. Honest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harris View Post
    So you know what I realized when I got home from some shopping yesterday while wearing an Abena Super? My fly was down.
    try haveing you fly down the hole day at school and some one noitcign that it was down.....

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    Having a major leak at a favourite restaurant and having to leave with what had a to be a VERY obvious wet set of black jeans.

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    Going to a gig and while in a cloth diaper and plastic pants, I peed into the diaper not realizing the the plastic pants were not a tight fit and in soaked down my pant leg. Thankfully it was dark in the room, so was able to leave without anyone noticing.

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    I think I had my shirt stuck on top of my plastic pants one time leaving a buffet place. Not that I really cared at that point, pretty close fitting dress shirt I think it was. When I finally did realize it half of me said meh, the other half wondered if anyone did see.

    Typically though I don't get much drama in public, I'm very calm about how I conduct myself normally so when I'm in diapers there's no real difference in my attitude.

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    I think the stupidest thing I've done with diapers was actually while not wearing one. I had just gone about a week of more or less 24/7, and then I ran out. I wasn't even thinking and just outright wet myself about an hour into "normal" underwear lol.

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