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    Hi guys im new here. Im a 16 year old girl who's really interested in diapers. I don't know when exactly my love for diapers started but it had to be when i was a around 7 or 8. We had just got the internet and I remember just randomly searching for words on google. That search eventually led to diapers, and I saw picture of kids and adults in diapers. Well to make a long story short ive been hooked ever since then.

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    Nice to meet you, and welcome to ADISC This is an awesome place to learn new things, have cool discussions and make new friends. Do you have any hobbies other than the diaper thing? Play an instrument? Any sports...etc.

    Don't forget to post!


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    Well, we are of course glad to have you. Welcome aboard; are there any topics you really enjoy talking about or do you have any questions for us? We have people into any subject you care to name; try us, we don't disappoint!

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