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    How do you all deal with your feelings? Do you let it out as they come, or bottle them up so no one will know?

    I for one bottle them up, intending to never let them out. Why? b/c I used to let out my feelings... I used to tell my friend all about what I was feeling(at the time very depressed) I wanted to kill myself, etc. One day, she just exploded and told me to "back the fuck off!" So, that made me learn to never let out your feelings, keep them deep down in you forever...vent in private, never let anyone know what you are feeling.

    How do you all do it and describe some experiences.

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    Just because you had one bad experience with one person doesn't mean that's a "lesson."

    You could've chosen the wrong person to confide in, or she may have just been having an exceptionally bad day.

    Bottling up feelings leads to bad things. I got divorced because my wife and I both did that in our early 20s. Now that we're back together, we're constantly talking things out. Communication is as key to a relationship as it to life. Nobody should suffer in silence.

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    well, funny thing you should say that... that same friend and i are better friends now than ever!

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    I consider myself to be a very emotive person. I don't choose to show them or anything, but my emotions are usually pretty obvious. If I am angry I lose my temper, if I am happy I will grin inanely, if I am sad I will cry or sulk, if something is funny I will laugh very loudly. I've always been like this. I think it annoys some people, but apart from my temper I don't see too many problems. And if necessary I can conceal it with effort - I am very difficult to read in games like poker and stuff. I know someone who does mentalism tricks and hypnosis and stuff and I he has said I am harder to read and influence than most people.

    I've always found it really hard to show emotions that I don't feel too. I find it difficult to smile for a photo unless I am already smiling. I am terrible at hiding disappointment at a present I don't like. So I can hide how I feel, but I can't pretend I feel a different way.

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    I just bottle them all up, and let them slowly manifest themselves into a mental illness.

    Okay, that's a Futurama joke, but it's probably true for me.

    I think you should talk about your feelings, and get them out there. Although make sure the person you're talking to is ready to hear what you are saying. It sounds like the girl you were talking to was not, or felt over-loaded with having to support you.
    If you wanted to kill yourself, I seriously suggest seeking professional help! Not many people would be strong enough to be able to deal with their friend contemplating suicide, let alone teenagers. It's too much, and that sort of thing really should be discussed with your GP (actually, I don't know the American system. Go to whoever would send you in the right direction to getting help).


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    the OP was speaking on behalf of something that happend 2 years ago, so suicidal feelings are all gone now.

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    I don't bottle my emotions or show them...if that makes sense. Anyways, I actually have no trouble changing my expressions at will.

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