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Thread: Other fetishes?

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    Default Other fetishes?

    I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, and I didn't see anything terribly recent about this topic, so I'm just gonna run with it and pretend like I know what I'm doing.

    So. I'm an ab/dl, but that's not the entirety of my fetishism. I think it's a partial offshoot of one of my main fetishes, humiliation. Sometimes I like to be told mean things when I'm diapered, in other words.

    Another big thing my girl and I get into that's humiliation-related is cuckolding, where she goes out and sleeps with other men occasionally. It's hot, and we are very safe, so...yeah. It's good clean all-American fun.

    In conjunction with the cuckolding we also play with chastity. I have a cb-6000 that I'm often locked away in because I have a tendency to play around a lot more than I should.

    Uhhh...I love satin and silk panties. I'm a bit like a ferret in that I'm instantly attracted to shiny things in general.

    As far as humiliation goes, I also enjoy small penis humiliation, which plays into the cuckolding aspect of things.

    As far as BDSM goes, I'm a switch. I don't like heavy pain, but I do like some. I'm a switch, so I also enjoy dominating. As a dominant I'm not married to any actions. I just enjoy putting an animalistic look in my girl's eyes, no matter how it's done.

    Hmm. Oh, medical stuff. We get into enemas and the like. And I like girls who wear glasses, which my girl does.

    Okay. I think that covers most of it.

    What I'm trying to say is: I'm a mess. Are there any other messes out there?

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    La de da....

    All of mine are connected. ^_^

    This isn't a fetish, but it's still a part of me: Trans-gendered. (The "-" makes the spell checker happy. )

    Actually, my being a TB/DL is very connected to my being trans-gendered. Whenever I imagine being a baby, two things happen.

    1. If I try to imagine myself as a male baby, I am turned off. Girl babies are much cuter, in my opinion.
    2. Three years ago, when I first got into all of this, I would always see myself as a (then) 14 year old boy crawling around in nothing but a diaper. It repulsed me. I almost made myself sick many times. But, when I imagined myself as a girl doing the exact same thing, it was extremely cute.

    Conversely, I've always made the connection that infants/babies are very gender-neutral.

    If you put a male baby in pink clothing, 9 times out of 10, the people who see him will go, "Aww, what a cute little girl!" Most of the time, babies are assumed to be girls unless they clearly look to be otherwise, or there are obvious signs (i.e. Race car designs on the stroller, spaceship designs on the diaper, a shirt that reads "Strongest Baby" or something).

    That wasn't exactly the converse, so let me try that again...

    I imagine myself as a girl for many known reasons, and quite a few that I still can't exactly figure out. One of them is the desire to be cute. Naturally, babies are cute.

    All in all, I feel that they contribute to one another constantly.

    I'm also into the DS aspect of BDSM, specifically "animal-play". Being a human, but living as a dog, is usually a turn-on for me. Not sure why, though...

    But I have noticed that both my TB/DLism and my affinity toward puppy-play both involve a state of being that I'm not in real life (One being a baby, the other being a dog). They also both involve a sort of loss of responsibility, and a carefree life.

    And, again, I'm always wanting to a be female human-puppy. Never a male.

    La de da...

    I think that's about it..

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    I suppose I'm what you call a 'mess' as well XD

    My boyfriend and I are not much for the cuckolding. But humiliation, chastity, medical play, bondage, puppy play and the like are cool ^^. I'm also a switch, but I guess leaning more towards the Domme side of things. He's a switch as well, but leaning towards submissive.

    I don't consider my being a *b a fetish, it's more of a lifestyle for me ^^

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    I agree. *b/dl is more lifestyle for us too. She's in baby role probably 80 percent of the day during her more stressed-out times. *grin*

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    Balloons. I've had a fascination with them as far back as I could remember. My mom always said there was no better toy for me than a balloon when I was little. When I got older and started exploring, I figured out others had sexual attractions to balloons. Mine's not really that sexual, I just love blowing them up and playing with them.

    I guess it relates in some fashion.

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    My other fetish involves hospital restraints. I know that others here have had some bad experiences with them in real life, so I don't go on about them at every opportunity, but I like them, and have some restraints of my own. I have a Posey, and also a Humane Restraint straitjacket, and used to have some leather cuffs from a four point restraint. Diapers add to the experience of being in the jacket by creating a sense of being restrained for an extended period of time. My wife and I take them out only occasionally though. I feel like she's not as into that as much as I, but knows that I am into it immensely. Because of this feeling, I don't force the scene onto her very often. It's almost as though some coercion on her part is needed to parlay the guilt on my part to make it satisfying and fulfilling, not just kinky for kinky's sake, if that makes any sense.
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    I woudn't say I'm 'into' other fetishes, but I'm definitely curious about a few.

    school girl outfits (girls wearing)
    socks (girls wearing)

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    WAM or wet and messy.

    Basically have fun and aroused by getting dirty with food and stuffs (mud, pudding, pies, etc.)

    Actually quite fun mixing both DL and WAM.

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    School Girl Outfits on girls, Diapers, Girls wearing diapers, ABDL. I like seeing pictures of people in wet and poopy diapers..

    Also somewhat have a pee fetish.

    Lol does that count

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    I also view my *Bism as an off-shoot from humiliation.
    Anything humiliating is a turn on for me, except for gross stuff.

    I'd draw the line at cuckolding though, as I can't imagine being happy with that. It's sort of hot but impractical in my mind.

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