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Thread: Baby powder with diapers?

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    baby powder for the scent as it helps my little get into little-mode.

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    I just use good ol' Gold Bond powder. After I shower, I powder my "junk" whether I'm gonna wear a diaper or not. It keeps me from chafing down there especially in the summer.

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    I always use baby powder when I diaper. It helps control a little extra moisture from basic body heat. Also, I absolutely love the smell. I use standard, no frills, baby powder.

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    I like the way it feels after a change. Baby powder from J&J for me.

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    Cornstarch lavender baby powder yeees!

    Love the smell.
    Love how dry and fresh it makes me feel.

    Really wish they had small travel sized ones that were cornstarch based. I have a J&J talc one but talc makes me nervous.

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    Cornstarch every change. Absorbs sweat and extra moisture to prevent itchiness.

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