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Thread: How discreet is delivery?

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    Default How discreet is delivery?

    While for a long time I've stuck with Goodnites, I've toyed with expanding my horizons in trying different diapers. It seems, though, that all the best diapers to try out are only really available online. I've only ever bought diapers at the store
    Other threads I've seen suggest having them delivered to the post office, FedEx store etc, but just so I know all my options, I am curious about home delivery. Do distributors generally send the diapers discreetly so, say, a landlord or roommate couldn't tell what was in the box without opening it? Or is there usually some giveaway?

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    All ABDL companies and ABDL aware companies ship in a super discreet fashion. I've been ordering diapers from ABU and a few other suppliers for 8 years now, I've also ordered AB clothes, pacifiers, bottles you name it and every delivery was super discrete. The only way a landlord would know that there are diapers in your box is if they have X-Ray vision.

    From experience, items are usually shipped in a cardboard box with very plain shipping labels, even the label itself will list the object as clothes or medical, so no giveaways there.

    I do know that some places use plastic shipping bags now, but once again, they're opaque and surprisingly sturdy. Shipping bags do contour more to the item inside, but truth be told, lots of items come in the form of big square packages, so even if the shipping bag takes the shape of a pack of diapers, there's still no true way for someone to identify what is inside.

    Bottom line, unless the box is damaged or the shipping bag is ripped open, there is no way anyone is gonna know what's inside. I'll also have you know that even if the box gets nicked or damaged, there really is no cause for concern. I've ordered tons of diapers and AB things these past 8 years and I can only recall, 3 times when the box split in the corner or near the top and the damage to the box wasn't nearly deep enough or big enough to gauge fully what was inside.

    Most AB companies and even some medical companies understand the need for discretion and they do an excellent job of maintaining that. The boxes are discrete, the labels are discrete even the info that appears on your credit card statement is discrete, so don't worry so much, order a few AB diapers and live a little, you'll be fine

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    What about other brands like Tranquility?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riddy View Post
    What about other brands like Tranquility?
    That would depend on who the distributor is. If you bought Tranquilities through a medical company or an ABDL aware company, they would ship as discretely as AB diapers.

    If you're still skeptical, you can look at the FAQ section on any of the sites you're searching or looking to purchase from, they'll usually inform you of how things ship and what their approach is to discretion.

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    Most diaper companies that are at least ABDL aware (or really care about their customers dignity) will ship discreetly, so there will be no indication that it is Diapers.

    That being said most people will at least be curious what is in huge, heavy boxes, but as long as there is no danger in getting diapers delivered to your door (like getting kicked out if you were living somewhere rent free) I would just tell people an excuse, or better yet tell them NUNYA BUSINESS.

    Diapers are not illegal and if you have your own place, or are at least paying a form a rent, I dont see how it is anybodys business if you dont involve them in it and it is your money spent.

    I also sell diapers from time to time if I have too much, which is right now, but I'm Size Large and I only have a few types in stock (Kiddos, Little Pawz, and Barebums from ABU as well as Tykables Overnights), I could sell a mixed half case if someone was interested, but otherwise I will just use what I got and eventually be able to stash away all of it lol.

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    I'm not to concerned as long as the box doesn't have indication of what's inside. I doubt they'll be opening my packages since I've already had Christmas presents and such delivered without a problem.
    I mean, yeah I doubt I'd be in any trouble if it were discovered, but it's not exactly something I want getting out either.

    Edit: Thanks for the offer btw, but I'm more of a medium.

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    My last delivery of Kiddos from ABU had a sort of code on it that gave an indication of what was inside; if and only if you knew what that code meant, its something along the lines of KDO Large or something like that, but Im sure to the unaware people that could mean anything.

    Also they had put that part of the box on the inside and taped 2 of those boxes together (as both boxes only hold 40 Kiddos) with the words on the inside, if I didn't order a full case I'm sure they would have probably done something to hide the words, but again I doubt the words mean anything to an "Average Joe".

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    There usually shipped in a plain cardboard box with no indication of the company they came from except a few matters or an alternet name I have had no issues with packages getting delivered to my apartmen

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