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Thread: How to put on a diaper on yourself

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    I usually diaper up laying down, then I make sure that the front and back are the same about even when I pull up the diaper. As for the tapes, I do the bottom first and make sure they get applied pointing slightly upward, then the top tapes I put on and they are slightly pointed down. I seem to get the best fit that way. With single tape diapers, I always have issues cause I can not get them as tight around my legs as need be to prevent leaks.

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    Update: I tried doing the pull up style and lay down style. Pull up way didn't work. but lay down I can do it but I believe I'm 34-36 inch and i have medium diapers but it's always loose it's not snug in and when I tried to get snug the tapes is already worn out or I rip the tapes. The only way I get to snug is doing tykables. I'm super mad because I wasted. 3 out of 40 diapers I spent

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    I’ve always done it by lying down and wrapping it around your body, pulling each side in and taping it tight. I believe there are tutorials if you’re so inclined.

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    I usually fold the diaper in half lengthwise. Then I make sure the diaper form a cup under me. I begin with top tapes first and put then close to the top of diaper. Then the bottom tapes. Which are pointed downwards. Oh and for extra baby powder and a diaper booster from northshore

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    Well, when I use the Pull-Up method I make sure the bottom tapes are close to the outer edge of the Landing Strip; this leaves plenty of room to pull up the diaper easily, and then it is just a matter of getting the top tapes tight enough (not cutting off circulation, but snug), and then putting the bottom tapes on a little bit further out than the top tapes.

    Of course practice makes a world of difference and I have been through Hundreds of Diapers (I only go through a few diapers most weekends, but I have been at it consistently as I feel like it for over 5 years, so I have had plenty of practice)

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    I always put my own diaper (nappy) standing up against a wall to get a nice comfortable fitted nappy on.

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