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Thread: Help for sims 4 baby diaper CC

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    Default Help for sims 4 baby diaper CC

    Hi there, I'm texturing some baby nappies for the sims 4 and was hoping a few of the diaper collectors out there might be able to help out.

    To make a decent looking mod I'll need some scans or high res photos of nappies laid out completely flat (if it's not flat it makes things a massive headache)

    If people could reply with some images, it would be a massive help. I'm equally as keen on modern and vintage nappies (I recently made a bulky mesh for old style nappies).

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    there are two problems that will create. #1 I don't think anyone around here has a flatbed scanner that's big enough for a spread-out adult diaper, and #2 that would probably require separating the shell from the rest of the diaper so only the flat shell is to be scanned. (and the leg elastic will complicate things)

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    baby diaper
    baby nappies

    If you flatten it first, the elastic won't matter. You can easily use tape to secure it. You wouldn't need a massive scanner for a size 3 or 4 nappy for instance.

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