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Thread: Mac vs Windows

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    Default Mac vs Windows

    Ok so I was looking around on ebay when I came across a ibook. It got me thinking. Why do so many people not like the Mac OS? What makes Windows OS so much better? (Vice-versa). I have never really got to play with a Mac, so I dont know.

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    I'm a windows fan. I can't stand the Macs interface, probably because I've grown up with Windows.

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    Well, there's a few things, I won't go too in depth over this. Okay, I will.

    First of all, Macs make their own computer hardware. Windows doesn't. Which means Mac OS is built to run on specialized hardware, usually not top of the line since it takes a while for Mac to release a new computer model. Whereas PC is meant to be run on any computer hardware setup, which means that the hardware can very well be top of the line (or not, but that's based on the user).

    I'm a much bigger PC fan. Sure Mac has a few things that make it more appealing to some, but I think the disadvantages (years of software development by a huge array of people) and less customizability make it much less appealing.

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    Gaming. PC's have more of it. Much more. That's I guess the only reason I won't go Mac. They do actually have lots of popular games on it though. I know WoW and City of Heroes are out for it, but most games aren't. If you aren't a computer gamer, or don't plan to be, then you should dis-regard this post.

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    1. Can I play Team fortress 2 on a mac? No.
    2. Can I play Crysis on a mac? No.
    3. Can I play Mass Effect on a mac? No.
    4. Can I play Burnout Paradise on a mac? No.
    5. Can I play Half Life 2 and it's episodes on a mac? No.
    6. Can I play AudioSurf on a mac? No.
    7.Can I play Fallout 3 on a mac. No.
    8. Can I play Oblivion on a mac? No.
    9. Can I play UT3 on a mac? No.
    10. Can I play GRID on a mac? No.
    11. Can I play Left 4 Dead on a mac? No.

    Do I need to list more reasons why I actually just can't use a mac without installing and dual-booting the freaking OS you buy a mac to avoid in the first place?

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    You can play TF2 on a Mac. Someone here has done it. Macs are good, so are PCs. Macs tend to be used more for the high end video editing. Final Cut Pro is unmatched as far as professional video editing goes. I've used both Mac OSX, Windows Vista, 7, and several different Linux distros. Each OS has it's own advantages and disadvantages. I'll list a few of them out.

    Mac - Excellent video editing software, good at other multimedia things
    PC - Excellent at gaming and nub computer users
    Linux - Excellent at servers and experienced users. I run a Arch Linux server and a desktop with it, it's the most customizable, but that's because I've used it since it was literally out lols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    You can play TF2 on a Mac.
    Only if that Mac has Windows on it which just has to be a oxymoron.

    Team Fortress 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    OMG LOL lyk I get dis cool thing claled a WINDOW I can drag it around and drop it and stuff. Also there is this thing called an interface. Or is it an interphase? Well I don't know but FIREFOX (WINDOWS ONLY I think( tells me that interphase isn't a word (WOW it did it again WAY TO GO WINDOWS) so I guess it's metaphase. Or prophase. Which I'm going through right now - I'm so good at Halo 3 that I cant even believe it. I can like blow people up with a bomb - it's pretty hard unless you're right behind them.

    Where was I? Oh right. Macintosh sucks because you cant do anything on them. Like FUN STUFF I mean. Ever tried playing a game on Macintosh? Me neither! Unless you count minesweeper! LOL

    P.S. Macintosh costs like $99999999999999999999999999999999 dollarz. Dont go there girlfriend.

    I use PCs but that doesn't mean I prefer one OS over another. Anything that'll run my programs - and well - works for me. I would use OSX if I could play games without working around the impediment. I would use Linux (or what have you) if I could figure out what the hell a kernel is. Just kid just kid. I'm familiar with Windows, and so, until I finally decide to try out something new, I'll stick with it.

    You'd do better looking elsewhere for a real debate on this issue.

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    Best tool for the job.

    My development boxen: *BSD (Free|Open).
    Gaming machine: Windows XP Professional (which has been down for about 7 months now).
    Dissertation/Article/Presentation Machine: OS X 10.5.whatever (iBook).
    Podcasting/Audio Scraping/CRON machine: OS X 10.5.whatever (Mac Mini).

    I used to have a SunSPARC (the Pizza-Box machines) and an Amiga 1200, and I've worked with SGI and IBM equipment, all along the same lines: best tool for the job at hand.

    One thing that surprised me about OS X and the Apple hardware that I bought to run it (iBook G4, mid-2005): I bought OS X specifically so that I could "just use" a computer and not dick with it. But I find myself doing things "The UNIX Way" via terminal, even now. I know there's a better way to do it with Apple tools and utilities. I am sure of it. But, even with better tools, old habits die hard. It took me until just last year or so to change my spacing habits in word processing, as I grew up typing on a typewriter.

    Oh well.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd have to say that *price* is the biggest barrier to me owning a Mac. Basically, a Mac *starts* at $1,300 and a heavily configured Mac runs for $2,000. By comparison, a basic Windows computer costs $300 and a heavily configured Windows computer goes for $1,200 or so.

    But the stability of the Mac OS cannot be overstated. It just doesn't crash -- ever.

    Ideally, if I had the money, I'd get a Mac with both operating systems installed (Mac OS for day-to-day computing and Windows on a secondary partition for gaming apps).

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