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Thread: Hi from the Sky...Again!!

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    Default Hi from the Sky...Again!!

    Seeing as we are all doin re-intros i might as well jump on the baby bandwagon...

    If you haven't already guessed, im really tall and enjoy diapers. I'm eighteen goin on nineteen in a few weeks. I guess that makes me am AB as im stepping out of TB...

    i do enjoy some of the basic baby things, includin diapers, pacis, bottles, and the comfy sleeper during the cold, winter nights. I am currently in college, so it's kinda hard to keep pursuing my AB desires with a room mate, but im managing. Other hobbies include music, video games, and cars. I'm a big car buff and love to work on cars. I currently work at a Goodyear shop part time so if anyone has a car question just give me a buzz.

    For all the "new" new people to this forum, this forum is awsome. The community is very kind and will welcome you with open arms...and hugs
    So to all the "new" people coming back, hi again! to all the really new people, welcome and enjoy the forums!!

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    *wonders how tall you are, exactly...* :O

    Good day, anyway.

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    *looks up* Hiya ^_^

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