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Thread: Design your dream diaper!!!

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    Default Design your dream diaper!!!

    Okay here is your chance to come up with your own idea of a perfect diaper. I'll start. I have two that I would like, one is plastic, the other is cloth like.

    Plastic: Almost exactly like the Bambino Bianco, but with less of the heavy plastic landing zone on the front. Also, it would have a powdery fresh smell.

    Cloth like: It seems like any time a company makes the move to cloth like diapers, they eliminate the waistband and standing leak guards as well. So I would like to see a cloth-like diaper with both of those features plus strechy sides, a fun print and no wetness indicator. The minimum absorbancy should be able to handle a full wetting without the possibility of leaks.

    Now there are a lot of good imaginations on this site, let's hear what you think!

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    Mmmk. I say take an Abena X-plus and combine it with a 24/7 brief. Take away the writing, and add extra crinkle. That way you have a very well padded butt (from 24/7), a very well padded front (from Abena x-plus), and a great fit, along with a crinkly white diaper!!!!

    Ahhh heaven?

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    How time flies, I remembered there was another thread on this, but I sure didn't think it was old enough to be locked by now:

    As to your question, I guess I'm not all that picky as long as it meets some requirements that I consider basic: plastic shell, tapes that stick well but can also be adjusted, and enough cohesion of the fill to avoid clumping. I'd prefer plain white with no wetness indicator, soft and just crinkly enough. Beyond that, I guess I don't really have a "perfect" diaper. It varies by what I'm up to.

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    Bambino comes pretty close to perfection in my book. I just wish the padding came up a little higher in the front and rear.

    What I would really like to see is an "Adult Goodnite" every adult pullup I've ever tried sucks. The padding is too narrow and doesn't come up high enough in the front or rear. Someone needs to take a Goodnite and just double it. Keep the proportions exactly the same.

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    Can it be magic, or does it have to be real?

    Ideally, I want a Speedo-type diaper, meaning with one wide tape and very little bulk.

    It would have a waistband and effective interior guards, and the absorbency of an Abena X-Plus or a similar product so that I could wear it for hours without worry of leaking.

    It would be silent. It would be white or pale blue. It might or might not have wetness indicators. It would not have cartoon characters.

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    I would like I diaper similar to the huggies pull-ups, in the way that you can pull it up or tape it on depending on your current mood. Make it thicker than goodnights, and can hold 3 or so wettings, along with either anime or toddler prints and I'd be in heaven.

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    can it be glowing in the dark ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2low View Post
    can it be glowing in the dark ????
    That sounds freaking awsome! Great for slumber parties!

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    Plastic outershell, a mix between Abena Super and 24/7, Very good tapes(stick well and refastenable), No wetness indicator, contain poop well and contain the semll very well, plus no clumpping.

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    A magic diaper that can change its appearance and its contents at my command!

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