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Thread: Rearz brand can I wear them?

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    Default Rearz brand can I wear them?

    Hi there! I'm new to the website and forums, I've been interested in purchasing some Rearz Princess diapers but was wondering if anyone had them in size M and willing to test the waistline for someone on the slim/petite side?

    My waist is about 20-22 inches, hips around 25-26 inches and I really do like the design for this brand. I know there's tape tabs that should tighten around the waist a bit, but I don't want to spend the money and find out that I'm too slim to fit in them, I wouldn't mind them being bigger so long as they fit okay in the waist.

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    I'm sure they should have a diaper that you find fits comfortably if you get the correct size, which it sounds like may be Small for you, but that depends on the specific Diaper.

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    I'm a bit bigger and it'd be hard to say but had a friend send me what I think were mediums and they were pretty big on me and I was at least around my mid 18x's at the time

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    Yeah, I can fit pretty well in a few brands in size smalls normally but I found those rearz princess ones and would really love to be able to wear those. Not sure if it's possible but if someone has a extra one of those diapers in size M laying around to test it on something small, adding stuff till it comes to be about 20-22 inches around and see if it's snug or loose, etc.

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    Sorry that I can't help you with the measurements test, but I do have another diaper recommendation if the princesses don't work out. Have you tried DC Amors? They have a smaller size and its the exact same diaper with a different print. Here's a link

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    Thank you very much RepaidazeD! Those look very cute and much much better on the sizing! Putting my order in as we speak for small size, it's still a bummer about the rearz only having size M but those DC armors should cover the kind of diapers I'm looking for

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    I was just thinking, Rearz carries Little Monsters. Those diapers fit very much on the small side. Those are pretty good performers, with an enormous amount of swell when wet.

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    They do have some sizes smalls that i think would probably fit fine

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    The big thing though, is trying them out. I’d suggest ordering a few samples of whatever you intend on trying before going all-in on a new diaper. It saves a lot of money and headaches in the end.

    Also, that slim of a figure? What I’d give to be that slim again.

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