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    Hi guys, how good of a diaper is Northshore Supreme Briefs campared to crinklz

    do they hold more?

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    I often see people comparing NorthShore Supreme to Dry 24/7, so that would make Crinklz in a higher category as it is regarded one of the absolute best diapers out there (though I hear recent batches arent as good as old ones) while NorthShore Supremes are considered good they aren't considered quite that good.

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    The Crinklz will hold more but the Northshore Care is no slouch. They are currently my favorite, go-to diaper. I lover them.

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    Crinklz is definitely an overall better diaper but the cost to me is too much. NS Supremes are very, very good and is what I wear at night. They hold multiple wettings throughout the night and into the morning.

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    I use both but overall I think Crinklz are better for my needs. The biggest downfall to the supreme is the rear and front rise. The supreme wicks better than any other diaper I’ve worn. Crinklz just hold more and are more comfortable in my opinion.

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    I'll weigh in here, just so you can get all sides. The NorthShore Supreme is my go-to precisely because of what Ehorton said: they wick the wetness throughout the entire diaper. By the time it's at capacity, the whole thing is wet. I also love the fact that they don't swell up like a water balloon. Both of these things are an issue for me with the Crinklz/BetterDry diapers. By the time those are ready to leak, it looks like you're trying to smuggle a softball in your pants and the back of the diaper is completely dry. Not a fan.

    If you're into the prints, the Crinklz are probably still one of the best out there, but for a pragmatist like me, I'm all about the NS Supreme.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwards View Post
    Hi guys, how good of a diaper is Northshore Supreme Briefs campared to crinklz

    do they hold more?
    My experience is the Northshore Supreme holds just a little less than Crinklz- as compared to before either of them will leak. Supremes wick better and will distribute pee to back best, they start ojt compressed thin and swell a decent amount when wet. Crinklz has thicker padding which is softer, and swell up nicely which tends to hold more up front before wicking any at all. Both are great diaper, but my go-to diaper is Crinklz because it hold more, starts out softer and has prints.

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