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    Default Playoffs!

    Alright so! My Junior Varsity team is going to playoffs! We clinched it last night, and now we have a one game playoff against a team that's really bad! Then after that we go to semi finals! =D

    The game is tomorrow at home luckily. So i'll be starting at third base, and hitting. And i guess i may be pitching later in the game.

    I'll keep you updated =D

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    Hey, good luck in the playoffs. My baseball team was not that good when I was there, but we still had to play in the Ohio HS Baseball tourney. Was interesting to go to other parts of Ohio for that.

    Good luck dude. Have fun and enjoy the game!


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    Alright so we won quarterfinals!

    We move on to semifinals to play a really good team so it should be interesting!

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    We won semifinals!


    Now we don't play until Tuesday to play the final championship game =D

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    Matrix Blade


    Wow. Lucky.

    Down here, the JV teams (which I was on) don't have playoffs. We have 'district champs' determined by the best record. Luckily, my team won that honor.

    Anyways, congrats

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    No offense. But your being very broad about winning this tournament and with the time you seem to have took making this announcement makes it sound alot like a lie. Other than that congratulations.

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