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Thread: 9% Video Game Tax coming to Chicago

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    Default 9% Video Game Tax coming to Chicago

    Apparently it's not hitting Xbox yet, but I expect it probably will sooner or later.

    I was watching a video on YouTube explaining how there is this 9% tax on video games coming to Chicago, apparently it stems from an "Amusement Tax" the city has had for decades.

    Essentially the law let's them tax any activity or location you have fun at, so Amusement Parks, Sports Stadiums, Concerts, and its coming to Video Games.

    One more reason to not live in Chiraq (the city being plagued with a lot of Gun Violence, even though according to some people Strict Gun Control Laws prevent such Gun Violence).

    Video Gaming is already expensive as is, particularly if you are into 4k Gaming (which is pretty amazing) as you would want a really good TV (Walmart Bargain Priced 4Ks don't compare to an upper level Sony, Samsung, and especially LG OLEDs), then a current Generation System is $300+ new, and then if you are buying recent games games the price gets as high as $60 for standard versions of games with no extras; but now to have a 9% tax on Video Games, I feel sorry for any Video Gamers living in Chicago.
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    I feel sorry for people in Chicago for not being able to block the Amusement tax.

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    Very interesting! And yeah, I suppose I'd be pissed. I'm not against taxing things that are objectively bad--like tobacco products, alcohol, candy, and sugary sodas. But gaming? Ehhh... Do we really have a firm verdict on that one? I'm skeptical. I'll be watching to see how this one plays out in the long term. Chicago seems like an interesting place, politically, being governed by heavy contingents of both forward- and backward-thinking people. My guess is that this amusement tax thing was mostly crafted by a bunch of moldering Republican corpses who, in their spare time, sit out on their stoops and make sport of screaming at and scaring off any presumed "hoodlums" (i.e., basically any child, teen, or dark-skinned individual).

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    As a person from C(r)ook County, I have certainly earned the right to say that when it comes to politicians and taxes in our county, it doesn’t matter which party they come from, they are equally hated. Honestly, like many taxes before it will likely backfire and cause the loss of profits. Just look at the Sweetened Beverage Tax Preckwinkle tried pushing for, it violated several aspects of the Food Stamp program and nearly got federal funding to Illinois cut. Sure this isn’t on the same level, but when the people of our county don’t like a policy or law, the politicians certainly are among the first to feel the effects of our disproval.

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    I would still say it is a pretty huge thing given how big the video gaming industry has become, whereas it was probably only worth the low millions back in the early 70 to the early 80s when gamers were considered to be "nerdy" and gamers were in the minority; now almost everyone is a gamer of some sort.

    You have mobile games (some with a low cost, some that are free to download, but they all but force you to spend money for advantages AKA "Freemium" ) on phones, tablets, etc.

    There is computer gaming from casual games to hardcore games people buy (or build) Gaming Computers for.

    And then you have Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

    It is kind of like a "spectrum" of sorts, and I fully expect if there isn't huge backlash soon they will be taking it to Xbox and Computer games too, that way they can tax you EVERYWHERE, no matter what kind of game people play.

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    In reality, until early '83, the video game industry in the US generated significantly more than you imply. Recall that one of the reasons for the Crash was a Gold Rush mentality of every company that had the means jumping into the market regardless of the quality of the resulting product.
    On the tax, I think it's going to be an interesting legal sell; I think it will eventually be rules allowable, but politically it will be problematic.

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    But still you had a gaming industry worth millions, now it is easily worth Billions, GTA V by itself sold Billions of dollars worth of copies.

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