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Thread: Diaper recommendations, and sizing?

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    If cost is a concern, looks don't matter, and you want something that's convenient to use and reusable if not wet, a light capacity pull-up is probably your best option.

    As long as that is enough capacity for you, I don't think you're going to beat it. It's got the additional bonus of local availability.

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    I did just think of one that may fit your needs and are less then 50 cents if you fit mediums, less then 60 if you wear a large

    if that isn't working you could try tena supers that you can normally find on ebay for roughly around 70 cents a brief if you buy the case (sometimes if you are lucky they can go for way less)

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    Whatever diaper you settle on, you have to consider it will need to be able to handle your worst wetting episodes. You can't look at it as a wasted diaper because you have some good or light days, or you'll be setting yourself up for constant and repeat leaks when the bad ones happen.

    Don't think of it as a waste if you don't use 100% of the diaper (which is often impossible anyways). As long as the diaper is able to contain your overnight wettings, without leaking, then it has done its job and that's worth it. Also, consider if you end up not using the diaper at all, then you can wear that same diaper the next night. Just don't reuse a partially wet diaper or you'll be setting youself up for rashes and infections.

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    Hey all, so here is an update on my findings so far...

    I got a pack of the Northshore Airsupreme small, and i've been wearing them nightly. I have no complaints about them quality wise, and the absorbancy seems good still. But the fit leaves something to be desired. The medium samples were definately way to big on me, the top tapes overlapped and the bottom ones never got tight enough around the legs. The pack of smalls I ordered fit better, but still not very comfortable. The bottom tapes are a stretch to make them reach and they always feel tight around my legs. Also the crotch still feels really wide to me. I would say they barely fit.

    I ordered from the website, and got a pack of Molicare super plus small, with the cloth backing. I think these are my new favorite diapers! At first glance, unfolded, they seem like a smaller diaper than the northshore smalls. But somehow they fit way better, maybe its the cut of the leg holes? Either way the tapes land exactly where I want them, and they are comfy, discreet, and soft. Crotch width is perfect too! These things feel just like wearing goodnites, but ones that fit properly.

    Also I decided to try a pack of the Tranquility ATN in medium. I never tried the smalls, but I read that they run smaller than advertised. I'm wearing one of the mediums right now, and although it is a bigger diaper, it fits pretty good. The waist comes up higher than I would like, but otherwise no complaints. They do crinkle alot, though, so I probably won't be wearing them when roommates are home. But they are real comfy as well, and i actually forgot i was wearing it for a while.

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    Glad to see you're finding some brands that work good for you. And yeah, most any non-store brand, or non-insurance diaper will work way better than depends.

    My only other suggestions to you would be to test the molicare and atn diapers out thuroughly before settling on either one. Also, even after you found what you like, keep looking. You'd be surprised how often we hear some such and such diaper was a persons all time favorite- until they finally tried some other diaper years later.

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    if you're having problems with adult small being too large, just try what a lot of us wish we could do, wear real baby diapers. Find some of those size 6 and 7 pampers and have at it

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