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About 20 years ago, like you, I wanted to see what it was like to have someone, a real person, change my diaper. I tried the "find a mommy" route and then I tried the "pay for play" route with paying an escort to do it. Both ways were less than I had hoped for or dreamed of.

The "Mommies" I found through personal ads were not really "mommies" at all but lonely middle-aged women who would do or say anything to be in a relationship with a man. I had to constantly give them "direction" because they were simply not "into it" and in the end, neither was I.

Then I began hiring escorts and I got the same results, only now I had to pay for it. Again, the escorts, like the "mommies" I met, were just not into the ABDL lifestyle. In the end, I just gave up and realized that I do better with just me and my fantasy. Although, at least I did get to experience another adult diapering me, but to be honest, diapering a 200 pound man verses a 20 pound baby, is two entirely different things. Ask anyone who works in a nursing home and they will tell you that it is VERY HARD WORK to diaper another adult. The back injury rate is off the charts in nursing home employees.

Anyway, that was my experience being diapered by an adult.
I hope this was helpful.

I've changed a fair few ABDL diapers and it was not what I would call hard work. I'm not Mr. Universe by any stretch, either. Smaller people are easier but a lot of what I've changed have been large/XL.

As to how you find someone, I'd echo Mattew. This is an intimate act and not something that I see makes sense to engage in casually most of the time. Get involved and make friends. Try to set expectations ahead of time so that both parties will be getting what they expect from the situation.