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Thread: The Shhhh-queee sound

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    Default The Shhhh-queee sound

    Has anyone else ever experienced the "Shhhh-queee" sound? Or has it ever happened around other people and someone asked "what was that?"

    I guess "shhhh-queee", "splurge" or "shlurp" is really the only way I can think of as expressing the sound in written format as such lol. It does happen from time to time with me, I guess its caused by the sudden movement of air when you bend over or make a sudden movement and the air in a nappy gets compressed and I suppose escapes making that sound. I have found the noise can happen at different levels of "loudness". I only ever wear plastic backed nappies, so I am unsure if the sound only happens while wearing them? Or does it happen while wearing cloth backed nappies also? I have worn cloth backed ones before but cant really recall every hearing the sound.

    So, to my story - yesterday afternoon, I was walking along the path at my apartment complex to check my mailbox, walking behind me a few paces back was another resident heading in the same direction. I noticed in the middle of the path was a small toy dinosaur that was dropped by a child by the looks of things. So I bend over to pick it up to place it on a large rock by the side of the path and SHHHHH-QUEEE happened, quite a loud sounding one too. I just continued walking and didnt look back, but I wasnt sure if the lady behind heard or not. I have had others happen while out and about also, luckily during those times there wasnt anyone near by to cause me any concern. Its quite a unique sound and I am sure the vast majority of people wouldn't even know what caused it but may be curious what did.

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    don't usually get that soggy before changing a diaper in public because if I had pants on over a diaper that soaked it probably would be leaking.

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    It happens to me now and again. So far, the only times it has happened around other people who don't know I'm wearing, there have been squeaky office chairs in the vicinity to explain the sound.

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    Ah ha the plastic fart when your diaper cover rapidly deflates - just hope that it is only air that is your output instead of something otherwise obnoxious ! LOL !
    Must be aware of the condition which precipitates this and how to escape without a lot of fanfare !
    No doubt happens when conditions are warming to the occasion as the diaper cover sticks to the skin and releases when that seal is broken.
    Easy to cover up in a noisy environment but in a library or quiet room - mission impossible will make an interesting escape.

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    "diaper-toots", yes, they're pretty rare but can be rather embarrassing.

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    Yup, diaper farts are rare but do happen often enough. I find it happens more when my diaper is dryer and puffed up enough so there is plenty of air within the pulp. Replace that with pee and it doesn't happen as much, or as loudly.

    I get once in a great while, usually when I sit down too fast. For me it can sound exactly as a normal fat would too. I found it easiest to just "claim it", excuse yourself, and move on. Otherwise it can be difficult to convince someone else it wasn't you, it was your diaper- honest.

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    I get those sounds when wearing tykables, other diapers not so much, must be the cut and fit of them.

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    I wear tranquility atn and i get the diaper farts all the time when i sit down and the front of the diaper is full of air. Im waiting for it to pop one of these times lol

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