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Thread: One Tab vs Two Tabs

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    Two tapes, one on each side is the best

    I find multiple tape diapers are sometimes hard to get a perfect fit with and for some reason, those 4 tape designs just don't look babyish to me. Even though there are 4-tape diapers with incredibly babyish prints, I still think medical briefs when I see diapers with more than one tape on each side. Also, from experience, single tape diapers are much easier to change, they give me the snuggest fit, I've yet to spring a leak in one, they look more like a scaled up baby diaper and wearing them certainly makes me feel and look more like a baby, so it checks off all the marks

    My favourites are SDK and Cushies, still kinda ticked that ABU Canada hasn't had a restock of them in like forever, but the Kiddos are also pretty great too

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    Depends on the style of diaper. For myself I prefer 2 tabs, but for my little, many times having only one wide would be much better and more "babyish".

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