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Thread: NorthShore Questions

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    Right, I mean some of us are already heading there at Walgreens to pick up our Northshore diapers. They're gonna be more expensive because they would alse nee to make money.

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    I think the main thing that keeps useful diapers off of store shelves is that floor (and shelf) space is at a premium in the retail world, and adult diaper packages are not small in any manner, haha. The large majority of people shopping for incontinence supplies have stress incontinence, and as such they are just fine with a small pad, or at most a discreet pull-up.

    Even the medical supply stores that stock halfway decent diapers (as they acknowledge urge incontinence and overflow can lead to bigger voids) don't even keep them out on the shelves, you've got to ask for them. That's unfortunate, as carrying a package up to the checkout can be embarrassing enough without having to have a discussion with a shop employee about what they have and what your needs are.

    To be honest, if I could go to the medical supply store and buy the brand I like best (which is coincidentally NorthShore), I'd still order them online. It's easier for me, and more discreet as well.

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    In my profile pic I am wearing a Northshore Supreme with a PVC cover. After a long night's sleep with a lot of wetting and during and after breakfast iwet once each. I had a heavy solid messing right before this photo, and I was surprised they held better than much more expensive and over advertised diapers.

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