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Thread: Last day of school

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    Default Last day of school

    Yep, tomorrow is my last day of school. YAY! ^_^ I'm pretty excited, kinda bummed though, I did not try at all this year my grades have sucked. I failed algebra 1 and I have to make a extremely good grade on my final tomorrow in English 2 to pass for the year. I'm really nervous :P I know if I just study I'll do well though :P

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    'Twas my last day today. I was exempt from all of my exams except English, so I had to go today. I think I failed though...

    I just remembered that on Friday I'm going to San Antonio with the eighth grade class. Sweet! I can't believe I'm actually gonna go to Schlitterbahn.

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    My last day was several weeks ago...Yay college. I'm so proud of myself for getting an A in Calculus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    My last day was several weeks ago...Yay college. I'm so proud of myself for getting an A in Calculus

    Calculus o.o sounds scary :P but I'm no good at math

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    I have exams this week. I had Physics and art history today, Math, Spanish, and Computer Science tomorrow, and Theology on Thursday

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    Good luck on your finals tomorrow James! Remember to go to bed early, eat a good breakfast, and have self confidence that you'll do well. A little bit of luck never hurts either : )

    Bet you'll do good, but what's even better is that you'll be done with school for a couple of months! That's better than anything else. : )

    - Asher

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    I've still got a couple weeks left. D:
    Most of my grades are passable, except for Spanish. x.x

    And good luck on your final! n-n

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    ^_^ thanks you guys, I hope i do well, trying to force myself to study but it is hard :P

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    I get off on thursday, didnt do so well in algebra (Had 2 take it again D: I suxors at math)

    and well... I has summer school too D:

    Listen up all you people that are going to be freshmen this year : Dont slack! High School is a very fast thing, if you fuck up, even for a minute! You'll screw your whole life up!

    Your life depends on how well you do in high school, if you dont have a high school diploma, no college will accept you!

    most of you are thinking "Bah, Crazy fox, I dont care for high school, I just want out of it"


    Trust me, failure is NOT an option, you cant just lay back, cause its over as quick as it starts!

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