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    Hello, I'm really nervous, trying to get info.

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    Hello, welcome

    “Nerves be gone!”

    Did that help? Actually I am terrible at magic tricks except for making coffee and bags of chips disappear.

    We love to know anything about you that you want to share such as hobbies, favourite type of cake, stance on solar panels in aeroplanes.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Don't be nervous, we are a good bunch of people that like helping others. Also note that most of use were nervous when we signed up for ADISC and now it's no big deal.

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    Hello Bigbadjles,
    No need to be nervous here

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    There’s no need to be nervous. We are glad you’re here and this community will try to help you in whatever ways we can. Peace!

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    Hey Bigbad, welcome! This place is extremely friendly so don't be afraid to ask questions :-)

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    And double welcome from a fellow Virginian :-)

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