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Thread: My source is getting too familiar.

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    I think your fine, she was trying to be helpful. She works in medical supply, I am sure discretion is very important to them as well to keep their customer base. Unless you have reason to believe other wise, I would not worry about it. Now to find out if the replacement product is any good, if not move on.

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    I really don't worry about anonymity in stores because I have never developed any kind of pattern and usually don't get asked any questions about what I'm buying.

    It probably helps though that I never buy Adult Diapers in stores, I strictly buy online for those as online has the best stuff anyways and the companies making/having products made appreciate your business and are unlikely to pass your information off to others; except apparently people have had bad experiences with the new owner of XP Medical (new as in I think maybe 2 or 3 years ago) ; which people said was sending post cards to their houses saying something like "we appreciate you for buying diapers from us" , which is not so good if you are trying to enjoy diapers secretly with people that dont know, or know and dislike it so you try to hide it as best as possible.

    I still hate being asked about diapers by my Mom (since I live at home, but I am no FreeLoader, I have been paying bills most of the time ever since I got my mental health in good shape), even though I pay for them and don't involve anybody else, I even try my best to layer up so it's not so obvious; but of course if I wear around my mom and act like it isn't a big deal (because to me it isn't) she has to analyze that my walk is different (because I wear good diapers and do use them, so there ends up being a waddle), even though nobody else has ever said anything to me about my "weird walk" or asked if I'm wearing a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMS401 View Post
    Funny, I wrote a diaper-related story very much like this a few years back. Faaaaaar too racy for, though. The mods would NOT be happy.

    It put me in mind of The Baby Business but that's quite some time ago.

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    I had a similar situation happen to me, so I got to school about an hour away from my house and I have noticed there there were more than a few good wills/thrift shops in that area so usually before I go to school Iíll scour the shops for things in my size(I donít make a lot of money so the occasional good brand I find it amazing) well one of the ones I go to is pretty much only run buy 1 lady who Iíve bought diapers with on quite a few occasions. Well one day I walk in and she obviously knows what Iím looking for cause itís all I buy and she says ďwe just got in quite a few, there in the back corner if you just want to skip back there) I was a little shocked but nodded and went to check up what was there. Now this isnít a very busy place and no one else was really there or writhin earshot so I wasnít to worried. Anyway I get what I came for check out and Iím on my way but man it was definitely a interesting experience. Also Iíve never said who there for but I have said that I really like the discounts on pretty much brand new stuff usually a pack of 16 of most things is less than 4 bucks.

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    Do not worry about it, good retailers try to help their customers and try to remember valued repet customers, my supplier knows what I wear for my incontinence and lets me know if supplies are going to be an issue. My local post office knows me on site and brings my 4 cases to the front counter before I even get a chance say hi.

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    I have always presumed that the proprietors of any brick ant mortar store from which I bought diapers regularly would realize that the diapers that I was buying were for me. Iíve had experiences similar to the one Mouse describes, but I just took it as something to be expected. People who work in stores learn to recognize their regular customers.

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    She knew they were for you, she sold them to you, and continued to make pleasant small talk. Dude, she's glad you're there buying her products.

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    I wouldn't worry too much. There is a thing such as professionalism. She would have to be stupid to risk losing a semi regular customer. Competition is hard enough as it is.

    Anyway, if she's changing brands then either ask her to keep a few packages on the side for you. Or something like that.

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    Personally I think this would be great! - since this is a distant essentially anonymous person that you now share this secret with in person, knowing they accept you for who you are (and are no doubt glad your who your are - a paying customer!).

    But that is just me. If they were just down the road and might talk with friends / family / co-workers....that would be different....

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    Odds are that she was referring to you as the customer ( your order or purchase) rather than you as the user.
    But, if you still want alternatives, Amazon could work for you:
    Tesco Ireland are selling their new junior nappies, if they'll fit you.

    Whilst most large retailers will lump the British Isles together as one trade zone-ish, smaller businesses tend to be dependent on their local carriers for whatever shipping costs are passed on to the end customer.
    Obviously, retailers on the British mainland who're close to the Irish Sea should have lower shipping costs to Ireland, but it can vary. I was surprised to see that IncontinenceShop, with their depot in Bolton, charge more for delivery to Ireland than for mainland Europe despite the shipping time to Ireland being half that of Europe (and that Bolton is nearer to Dublin than to London, nevermind Europe).

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