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    For those who don't have tile how do you get these stains off your carpet? When I change my messy diaper I don't have any changing mats so sometimes I use the cardboard boxes my orders come in and toss them in the garbage. I have 3 different carpet cleaners but I don't think they're doing the trick.i also scrub but the smell seams to linger. Can someone give me some advice?

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    I literally can't think of any advice more relevant than get a changing mat. Store it with your diapers & any other supplies. You're probably wasting more time scrubbing than you setting up and wiping down a mat, and more money on cleaning products than the cost of an even cheap mat!

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    The best I can reccomend for the smell is a good pet urine remover, a gallon of hot water and a good shopvac.
    What you're gonna do is spray the stain with the urine remover, saturate it good and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then slowly pour the hot water onto the stain and try to suck the water out through the pad of the carpet.
    You might have to do it a couple of times to really get the smell out and it will take hours for the carpet to dry. Unfortunately, if you're trying to get a stain out, it probably won't happen as urine breaks down the dye within the carpet. You might be able to cover it up with some laundry stain removal spray, but it won't be permanent.
    I did a short stint as a carpet cleaner and that's how we did it, though we had much bigger vacuums and heavier duty cleaners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antientmariner View Post
    For those who don't have tile how do you get these stains off your carpet? When I change my messy diaper I don't have any changing mats ...
    As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Prioritize getting somewhere to change that's easy to clean. Does your bathroom have carpet too? Mine actually did when I got the house. (and so did the kitchen!) That got ripped out ASAP and linoleum went in. I don't know why on earth anyone would have carpet in either of those rooms. (that, and my neighbor made the mistake of replacing trashed linoleum in the kitchen with tile, this means any dish, glass, or glass food jar that drops is guaranteed to break, she HATES it!)

    Also, don't install "textured" linoleum, even in the bathroom. It sounds like a good idea for traction when getting out of the shower, and does work okay for that, but is more difficult to clean.

    If nothing else, lay down a large towel. (aka "bath sheet" or "beach towel") Towels are easier to clean, and if nothing else can be thrown away if they can't be cleaned or deodorized.

    There are commercial grade cleaners used in hospitals for stain and odor removal as well as sterilization. Check a local (consumer) medical supply store for what may turn out to be a very expensive bottle of carpet cleaner that will do the job. Warning: it may leave behind a sterile odor of its own. (they also sell killer air fresheners, one was something like "O-zone Odor Eliminator", we referred to that as "oxygen eliminator" beacuse losing your sense of smell for awhile counts as "odor elimination"...)

    Rent a Rug Doctor. Available at rental stores and also at many hardware stores.

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    When I change I always take off my old diaper and lay it open on the floor between my feet. That way when I drip pee while unfolding my new diaper it gets caught by the old one. Only after I'm tapped back up do I roll up my old diaper and toss it in the trash.

    You can also rent a cartpet cleaner from rental centers, home improvement stores, and even major food stores. Alternately you can hire a carpet cleaning sevice too.

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    if you are having leakage issue when you change you diaper after a bowl movment simply change in the shower you can the remove your diaper place it in a plastic bag next to the shower then clean up. rinse the tub or shower stall and you are good to go. If you are out and about make sure you have a large disposable pad to stand on after you remove your shoes socks and pants then remove your diaper and clean up this way there is zero chance of getting fecal matter on your clothes. (always carry a fresh set of clothes in your back pack incase your diaper leaks)

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