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    Red face NorthShore MegaMax

    Just received first shipment of NorthShore MegaMax mediums. All I can say is -"WOW" - now wearing second diaper but the first one had unbelievable liquid retention. Haven't tried overnight as yet as I sample ordered MEDIUMS, which are a little too tight for 39" waist/40" hips. Will reorder sample LARGE and get back with results. Not crazy about plastic diapers, but they don't seem to be irritating. Wadding seems to hold together and just swells rather than clumping and breaking up.
    I am a loyal customer of BetterDry, which I use for night sleep with liners as I am heavy wetter. Unfortuately, the liners (Gerber cloth baby diapers/6 ply) add a lot of bulk - sometimes I like the bulk and sometimes I don't.
    Overall, I am very impressed and will update when I receive the LARGE NorthShore MegaMax diapers.

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    Yeah, I wore the firs one yesterday and didn't take it off until about an hour ago. Pretty impressive thing. Gets pretty saggy after a lot of wetting, but it still seemed to have even more capacity.

    I ordered larges, but since I ordered mediums of some others, they threw in a couple of medium MegaMaxes. At a 34-36" waist, I find that Larges fit me better in most lines though a few are more realistic in their sizing and Mediums work (like Dry247).

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