Be careful, some states Like Florida only allow extracts, oils, and tinctures (The liquid stuff), and if you are caught with buds, edibles, and other goodies you could be cited or jailed. Also, Veterans and active Military regardless of prescription could be charged with a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This is usually up to some military commander with little or no law or medical training. This could be considered a federal felony just because some warmongers that went to college to learn how to effectively kill people decides it. My last point is regardless of any state law it is still a Class 1 Narcotic Federally. Which means if some ATF, FBI, or other federal alphabet agent gets a bug up his/her unusually tight buttocks you could be taken to federal prison. There is still a Republican President in office, and it is unlikely that he will support legalized use. Point being research local laws and policies and smoke at your own risk. (It must be 4:20 somewhere)

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I forgot to add in most states even where pot is legalized employers require a drug screen for THC. That's the stuff that makes cannabinoids fun :-(