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Thread: hey guys & girls

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    Default hey guys & girls

    hi everyone, im mimble.
    I'm a 14 year old boy from New Zealand (south east of Australia). I'm new to the forums, which is why I'm making an introduction.
    some of my interests are computers, which I probably spend too much time on, and cooking (eating is always fun ).
    I'm new to the whole idea of talking about being a TB/DL, so I may come across as a bit nervous at first, but you have to start somewhere. I'm still toying with the idea of if/when/how to come out about it, so life can be a bit confusing sometimes, as some of you may know.
    so, that's all I can think of for my introduction right now,
    Best Wishes,

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    Well, I guess I may be the first to welcome you on this fine Tuesday night (for you) or this early Tuesday morning (for me). As for the coming out part, personally I've never wanted to tell any other human being I know in real life, but to each their own. Out of curiosity, what do you happen to spend your time on your computer on? I personally am a fan of video games, movies (watching and creating thereof), writing (of several capacities, currently occupied by the story that's up here, and a play that I've been dwelling on for the past few years), Image editing (of which results in my avatar), and animating (of which has been put on hold for the past year). And personally I've always been a fan of recreational Calculus, and Rugby (since I've learned of both).
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    Great to have you, and welcome. As you no doubt gather, though we are a fantastic resource for most things diaper-related, we talk about anything and everything else too. So please feel free to say as much or as little as you like about the fetish. What sort of books, movies, TV or sports or video games are you into?

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    Welcome to the site.. I misread your name as Mumble.. the penguin from happy feet.. at first.. xP

    I agree, cooking is fun.. but the best part is eating! :P

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    hey everyone, thanks for the replies.
    with computers, I'm into a lot of video games, mainly right now CoD4 - I've been playing games on PCs for 10 years - and I'm doing a little bit of programming and web design, mostly for school.
    I like comedy movies mostly, I have a collection of standup shows that is ever growing. I also like zombie movies, again I have a collection, and action.
    I don't really watch much on TV, I spend my time on other things (like the computer )
    books, I like fantasy/adventure novels, and I spend a lot of time reading (many members of my family have been labeled, correctly so, as book worms).
    so thanks guys, and I hope to see you all on the forum.

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    If you haven't seen Fido yet, it is by far one of the best comedy-zombie films, second only to Shaun of the dead. haven't played CoD4, but I love TF2, and L4D for fps, and Dota for RTSRPG. Also, feel free to hop on the Irc, always people willing to chat about stoof.

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    This is rather awkward, I'm in NZ 'swell, gimme some contact details (msn, skype, irc, whatever)

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    hey, don't mean to be rude, but at this stage I would rather not. I'm new here, and I don't know anyone. but you can still contact me through the forums.

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    Quite wise. There has been a lot of talk lately over who is trustworthy and how to gauge this; the upshot is to get to know people gradually, over time, and slowly open up, remembering people can pass on your information by accident or maliciously. There is no hard and fast rule to say who can be trusted; but as Darkfinn suggests (often) trust no one at first and reveal no info- including photos, especially photos - you would not want the world to see.

    This is not to say 99% of our membership is not 99% trustworthy 99% of the time; they are. But better safe than sorry.

    On another note - does your name have anything to do with Moomins? I am a huge fan of them, have been since my early teens, which was, oh, erm, let me see, back in the 1800's some time...
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    haha, no there is no meaning to my name. I use it a lot, and everywhere I use it people say "what's a mimble?" or "what does mimble mean?". I was just deciding on what a good name would be, and mimble sprung up in my head.

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