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    Some times people think I have a super power. I can deal with pain at super human levels. One of my coworkers does Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, and a number of other hand to hand combat styles and has admitted he would hate to ever have to face me, even though I don't have any formal training.

    I've been fighting chronic cluster headaches for nineteen years.

    Ever fought a migraine? Imagine one of those for three to six hours at a time, five times a day, every day, for the last nineteen years. My coworker has tried hitting pressure points on my arms, shoulders, and neck. He's definitely hit them, I just stare at him and admit that yes, it's uncomfortable to feel it.

    I broke my ankle many years ago, and walked on it for five hours before deciding it wasn't a bad sprain and got it checked by the doctor. I shattered my heel a little over a year ago, and the ER docs kept pestering me to find out how long I had passed out for--I never passed out. They wanted to keep me overnight to help me combat the pain, I went home because it wasn't that bad.

    I'm hitting the rough part of the year for me, when the shift in light through the day makes the biggest changes the quickest. Not surprising with a condition that ties to your circadian rhythm. The time change today is pure hell for me. I'm trying to get admitted to the hospital to get a medication infusion over five days, I've been in the ER three times in the last three weeks from the pain.

    Understand that it isn't the end of life for me, it's just a rough spot. I either fight through it as best I can or I don't really have a life. I skydive, SCUBA dive, take care of the house and yard, and still try to work a full-time job.

    I'm just ranting a bit tonight. I'm exhausted, I only get two to three hours of sleep at any stretch before the headaches wake me. Makes it tough to get restful sleep and not wake up needing more rest. I'm fortunate to have my wife beside me after all these years, I know it's been rough on her.

    So do you have a super power?

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    I'm very sorry to hear that your in a tough spot right now...

    I'm glad to hear that your wife has been supportive. Don't feel bad about ranting. I'm of the opinion that people need to rant every so often about what's troubling them. I wish you the best of luck in getting a hospital admission to get the medication infusion... hospitals and the medical system in general can be hard to work with. Honestly... I can't ever imagine myself being in the level of pain that you have faced. The worst that I've had is probably the chest pain incidents that I've had in the past.

    I have no super power... I guess that you could consider my intelligence or trivia abilities one... but none really.

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    While I have never had that magnitude of Migraines before (neither that severity or that duration), I have suffered through many different kinds of pain, some physical

    I have some unknown foot problem my doctor said to try insoles or arch support for, but I gave up trying to figure it out and just suffer through it and thankfully its manageable most of the time

    then twice I had horrible stomach pain constantly for 4 days, the 2nd time I event went to Urgent Care, they said they couldn't diagnose it; so I just hope it doesn't keep happening.

    Plus I have a diagnosis similar to Bipolar and once I got dropped by the place prescribing my medication, "Let Me Tell You Hwhat" as Hank Hill says; suffering through Seroquel XR withdrawal is tough; I brought me to the brink of wanting to hurt myself because while it is stupid and leaves permanent marks, at the time it would have been something I could control; and the worst part was altering between 15 hour work days and 2 hours of sleep a night, plus I was getting yelled at pretty badly by an unfair boss, so I was mentally exhausted, physically exhausted, and extremely POd.

    Not that it is a contest or anything, just saying I understand suffering.

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    Some things have been getting better. My primary neurologist is back from her vacation and got me in to see her the first day she was back. I've been to the ER once more to deal with the pain, but I've also been able to get in with the Headache Center at UCSF to try and get in for the medication infusion. Of course, it's going to be over two weeks away, but at least I've got a date.

    This morning was the pre-admit appointment before I go into the hospital for five days to get this stuff pumped into me. I had to shake my head at the nurse taking my vitals...

    "Are you fighting a headache now? What's your pain level at?"

    "Yes, I'm in the middle of a massive one, it's up at an eight."

    "Let me double check your blood pressure on the other arm...that one is showing a really high blood pressure as well. Do you have high blood pressure?"

    "When I'm in massive amounts of pain, yes I do get high blood pressure!"

    Yeah, I've been in the ER before with doctors looking at me sideways until they see my blood pressure. They've explained that every symptom of extreme pain can be faked except for the massive spike in blood pressure that comes with it. When you walk in with your systolic over 200, they quickly start shoving needles into you (something about being in stroke territory...), so, yeah, I know my blood pressure spikes with pain!

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