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Thread: What do you think the afterlife is like?

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    I believe it's possible the mysteries of the universe have been unlocked numerous times by individuals, but that the information cannot be put into words.

    As far as having a scientific understanding of the nature of physical realty, it seems every time there is a breakthrough in physics it is never conclusive in itself but leads only to deeper questions about the fundamental building blocks of the universe. A hundred years ago Einstein equated mass and energy, and ever since we have had a tendency to see mass as a form of energy in much the same way we see ice as a form of water. But this distinction between forms might just be an illusion caused by the limits of our perception and our need to label things. Mass and energy, and everything else in the universe, including illusions, might be composed of the same thing: a vibrating field. If I understand it correctly, the knowledge we've gained from experimenting with particle accelerators does not rule out this possibility, and even supports it to some extent.

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    I am Atheist I think we live only once. When we die. We are dead. So Live every day like it is your last day.

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    Bender: Afterlife? Pfft. If I'd thought I had to go through a whole 'nother life, I'd kill myself right now.

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