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Thread: Why is driving a controversial topic?

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    Default Why is driving a controversial topic?

    I notice when it comes to topics about driving, there will always be arguments and bickering in it and people making accusations and making assumptions about how others drive. No one assumes there are just simply bad drivers out there and people who make the posts are encounting those bad drivers but instead someone always assumes the poster is doing something wrong and accuses them.

    For example, you get on the freeway and pick up speed and go fast on the ramp like you are supposed to and pick a spot to merge in, but even though you are doing it right, you are not able to merge on because people on the freeway are racing you to get ahead of you so you end up slowing down on the ramp. Someone online assumes you were not going to same speed as the freeway traffic and weren't doing it right.

    You get on the freeway and pick up speed and go fast on the ramp and you are ahead of other cars on the freeway and you find a spot to merge on and you write online you go faster than the freeway speed, someone is going to accuse you of car racing and not yielding because you picked up speed and went faster than the others but yet stayed behind other cars that were already on the freeway so you can merge on. Hey I live where cars are going 10-15 miles faster than the speed limit so you have to go faster than the freeway speed to be able to merge. Pretty much everyone goes fast on the ramp and picks up speed to get ahead of other cars and I am not talking about car racing here. Then there are the slow ones who get on the ramp at 40 or 50 mph and then there are a slow row of cars merging on because of that one slow car. But doing one or the other will get you accused of this or the other. And no one is going to assume you got stuck behind a slow moving car when getting on the freeway so you were not able to merge properly.

    Or you write about how you are waiting to get on the road but there is no opening and a car behind you honks. Someone online is going to assume you are one of those people who take too long to get on the road when you have plenty of room. But I bet if you write about someone pulling out in front of you so you had to put your breaks on, someone might still accuse you of going fast. You can't win.

    You are being tailgated, someone is going to assume you were going too slow, not because that person was a dumb ass and you couldn't go any faster because of traffic and road conditions or you were in the right lane and going the speed limit and that car has the option to pass you or you live in an area where there are traffic vans and they take photos of anyone who is going fast and you can't afford to get a ticket so you go the speed or go five above so you won't see a ticket in your mailbox.

    Or you are at a red light waiting to turn right and someone behind you honks, someone online is going to assume you don't know when to turn right on red even though there was incoming traffic so there was no room for you to just go or the other cars had the right of way because of the green arrow so you couldn't go due to the incoming cars turning onto the road going the same direction you want to go or because there was a pedestrian crossing or a pedestrian that was acting like it is going to cross and you didn't want to cut them off, they do have the right of way where we live and we have to yield to them.

    And a bonus, they will accuse you of contradiction because they will quote parts from your post and asking which is it. Why can't people just accept they had simply misunderstood your post because of the way you wrote it? Why are people so stupid in this topic? What is with all these jackass assumptions and accusations and acting like there is no such thing as a impatient drivers or other bad drivers?

    I honestly think this shouldn't be a controversial topic but it is. If someone says they live in an area where there is always honking so people will honk at you to go faster even though you can't because of cars in front of you, I am going to assume that is what they experience, not assume they are impeding traffic and going too slow and being a bad driver and think there is no such thing as cars just being honkers and no such thing as there being lot of traffic so you have no way of going faster. Yes when I was in Paris, I heard honking all the time and there was lot of traffic so it's not like cars could have gone any faster and there are lot of pedestrians too. But no one is going to assume you live in Paris or another town that is like that with traffic or the fact there is just lot of traffic sometimes so you have no way of going faster.

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    Excellent post.... I just have to accept the fact that I am the best driver on the road and everyone else is an asshole... lol thats the way it is around here as soon as someone closed the drivers door it seems everyone enters into aggressive mode. Your spot on on the merging topic race is on.. around here we have hill climbing lanes ..or truck lanes they call them, slow drivers are to pull over to let people overtake them. There will be a line of cars following a driver going 5 to 10 mph under the limit , you come to the climbing lane and all of a sudden everyone including the lead car are going 20 over posted and if lucky one person gets by the slowpoke who slows right back down as soon as the lane ends..

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    My philosophy? Drive 10-2. Only one hand on noon on county roads with my eyes glued to the road. Relaxed doesnít mean get distracted. Stay away from large packs of cars. Speed up to get away if need be. Donít camp the left lane unless I am passing multiple cars, so long as nobody is behind me (although, not likely if Iím passing multiple cars)

    My driving style is rather fast, maybe, but I havenít had a close call in a long time because Iím never around the same cars for long. I assume everybody around me is driving with their eyes glued to a cell phone or a whopper or some dumb shit.

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    Acceleration lanes? Those are a myth. We have stop signs to get onto major highways. We accelerate in the lane itself when we get on.

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    Its because everyone assumes they are the best driver, no matter what, and can't see the faults in their own driving habits. I know mine is that when I get around a lot of congested traffic in bigger cities, I tend to get a little flighty and stressed out, and perhaps not as aggressive as I need to be. I'd never make it larger cities because I have no problem following the stated laws, such as signalling and driving the speed limit or under based on road conditions.

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    When you live in the Mountains you tend to have an Advantage. You can spot Cluster Traffic and stay out of them. Yes, I like to drive the flow of traffic. But I don't want to be smelling someone rear end while doing it.

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