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Thread: Has anybody bought molicare super plus's through walmart?

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    Question Has anybody bought molicare super plus's through walmart?

    If you have, tell me your experience with their service and did you pick up the shipment at the walmart store?

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    Butterfly Mage


    You can get molicare diapers at walmart? I didn't know that!

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    No, you can't get them "at" a Walmart, but you can have them shipped to the store. sells them on their website (and just a FYI... They are labeled as "super" on their website, but are actually Super Plus).

    All that said, you can order them for $4 cheaper through XP Medical, and have them shipped to any post office for pickup.

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    I haven't done it. But it looks like it would be pretty easy to do. Just have it shipped to your local WalMart and pick it up.

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    Wow, I never knew that...

    How discreet is the box?

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    With all ship to store stuff that walmart does whatever box from the OEM gets stuck in an ever larger Walmart box and some brown paper stuffing. Just like my wipe warmer and bed rail.

    Now I knew that you could get the Molicare Supers, but I didn't realize they started carrying the Super Pluses. Incedently depending on who is working the counter they are technically suppose to open the box and make sure the item you ordered is in there. Which in such a case they will ask you if the item in front of you is what you ordered. My bed rail they did not double check, however the wipe warmer they did double check. The comment that followed was "AWWWW its a wipe warmer!!!!" course it didn't really bother me since its just business as usual.

    Also if a double check is performed you can opt to keep the larger Walmart shipping box or not. I would recommend you do, other than that its a pretty in/out boom bang done next outta here, kind of operation. The Walmart boxes are great for storage too, real sturdy.

    EDIT: Also you will need the verification code from the email, either just the number or preferably the barcode printout; second you will need a picture ID to verify that you are indeed the person on the pickup list. More than one person can be authorized to pick up the package once the order has been processed through the walmart user panel.
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    I know the shipping is free if you get sent to Walmart and all, but wow. 80 bucks. i didn't realize they were that pricey

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    Kinda steep... sure. But if you want to be able to pick them up at a store and not have them shipped to your (parents) house... it's worth it.

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    Ok, big question, how do I get a box of 56 diapers past my parents when I return from walmart. My parents are home like all day. Please help me out!

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