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Thread: Thousands of people want to move Halloween

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    What's next moving Christmas so it always falls on a Saturday or Sunday FFs

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    Yeah, I don't get the need to officially change the date since people can always do a Halloween event in their communities at which date they choose, I've already seen a bunch of places doing a "trunk or treat" on earlier dates.
    We had Trunk or Treat at our church yesterday (Saturday night) and over 200 kids and parents showed up. They had planned for 50 so I'm guessing they made a desperate run to the local Walmart for more hot-dogs and buns. They had a great time.

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    Everywhere I have lived has never had 'Beggars' Night' on the actual 31st. Sometimes it's going to be too cold/rainy/windy, so they'll move it earlier in the month. Heck, I think last year they ended up having it postponed until the first week of November. The kids could really care less if it's on the 'real' Halloween. LOL They just want some fun and candy. :3

    I was never allowed to go trick-or-treating alone. I was always either with my mom or my teenaged brothers. (They used to use me to try and pick up girls. Pfft. Like "LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM TAKING MY KID SISTER OUT.")

    And always with some sort of flashlight so we could see if it started to get dark. My brothers were only ever really trusted to walk me around our local neighborhood block where everyone knew everybody else. I doubt that kind of rapport exists very much anymore. (And yeah, we had two houses of 'weirdos' that we weren't allowed to go around. The one guy was always trying to peek into windows and the other one just gave off the creepiest auras.)

    So our instructions were "Stay in the neighborhood, if you need anything have one of your friends parents call us (before cellphones) and stay away from the weirdos."

    So really, there isn't a true need to move the actual holiday because most municipalities already schedule their trick-or-treat nights on a more convenient date anyway. :P


    Also, you wouldn't believe how long I mis-trusted 'trunk or treat'...I thought you'd get locked up in an old-timey traveling trunk if you were bad. LOL Now I know it's just that you decorate your car and pass out treats in well-lit and secure areas.

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    Yeah, the idea of Trunk or Treat is basically to have a smaller event where you know everyone at the event (such as if it is just your church members).

    But yeah, mostly kids just care about the candy.

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    In Germany, All-Saint's Day (the first of November) is a national holiday, so no one has to get up early after a night of Halloween antics.

    I used to go out for Trick or Treating either with my friends or with my brothers, but we live in a very safe neighbourhood. Of course, when we were very small, one of our parents would go with us, but later it was never a big deal. Though Halloween in and of itself isn't as huge over here as it is in the USA it seems...of course kids like it, and older students use it as an excuse to get wasted, but mostly it's kinda meh. Especially this year, there are barely any Halloween-themed items in stores. It's like they skipped Halloween and went straight to Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    There's something about being 8 or 9 years old, dressed in a costume, carrying your trick or treat bag in one hand and a flashlight in the other, that can't ever be replicated again in your entire life. Ah.....good times. And yeah, we'd get scared, mostly from scaring each other with ghostly tales.
    Likewise, but the new "trunk or treat" style has gotten so rampant, and it removes all of the fun of it. Now most I see are held indoors, not even car trunks in parking lot anymore. Despite the US getting safer and safer (as shown in multiple trends of reduction of violent crimes), we as a society keep getting more and more worried. I think the difference is that we have far more visibility and are much more connected than we've ever been, and the news has always gone with "if it bleeds, it leads".

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    Yeah, it's unfortunate. Growing up in a tiny community was great for a kid like myself. It was along Barnegat Bay, and we would play in the water all throughout the summer. I actually wrote about that community in my short story, "Werewolf" which is on this site in our story section. It also was the setting for my novel. If you want to read a good Halloween story, read "Werewolf".

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