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Thread: Why cant people dispose of diapers properly?

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    Default Why cant people dispose of diapers properly?

    I'm sure we have all seen a used diaper or two (or a bunch) in random places (grocery store parking lots, on the beach, on the trail, etc) due to no nearby trash cans and parents too lazy to take the used diaper with them in a plastic bag to throw out later; I know that may not be an appealing idea, but it shows they are at least not as bad as people that leave them wherever they change tha baby at.

    Well there was a guy dropping off loads of his grandsons used diapers near highways and they just caught him.

    Apparently there was a motorcyclist that crashed, he got away with minor injuries, but his motorcycle got totaled, and thankfully it wasnt worse and it didn't cause anyone else to crash or anybody to die.

    Article below

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    one of my jobs was Highway Cleanup... in Tarrant Co Texas (Ft Worth and 41 other municipalities ) and diapers were one of the Do Not Pick Up items, along with dead animals, broken glass and car parts. Many times we were mistaken for convict labor, and one time, an SUV pulled up, the driver rolled down the passenger windows, had her kids throw trash right on top of us, and she yelled 'get a job, you bums'. Tres declasse. There were cameras every quarter mile, there's more now, and we were a work zone so her tickets and her kids each got tickets for littering and impeding traffic, at double the fines. You'd think they'd learn something. But No. Nor apparently their trashy comrades. We consistently pulled 60 tons of trash a day.

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    I guess the simple answer would be sheer laziness.

    I personally will never understand how people can be so lazy, especially when dealing with something as unhygienic as used diapers. You don't throw bags of garbage out of a moving vehicle or wantonly traipse refuse everywhere with you, so why would you ditch diapers alongside a road or leave one bundled up in a mall parking lot (I've seen that a handful of times).

    On the few instances when I wore and used in my teens, I always made sure to double-bag and dispose of them in a proper dumpster and I still do.

    There really is no reason why balled up diapers and even the occasional balled up AB diaper should be seen roadside. I assume that most people have garbage cans and know the trash pick-up schedule for their areas, so they really don't have a viable excuse. As for the ABs who dump diapers on the highway, I know you don't want to get caught, but darn it, that type of behaviour reflects poorly on us and if you have a way of getting to the highway to dispose of your diapers, you certainly have a way to get to a garbage can, a dumpster or even better, the dump.

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    The only reason that any sort of trash should end up roadside is if it was an accident, I.e. it fell out of the trash truck or something to that effect, or a racoon or other animal somehow got into a trash can and pulled it out so on and so forth.

    People who litter are kinda assholes.

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