Cottontail I agree, I think I would feel the same if I read my first post from someone else. I would assume they were close to doing or already had done something they regretted.
But no I am miles away from the scenario really. It was more curiousity for an imaginary future to be honest. My marriage is not unusual probably in that I had hoped my abdl urges would go once I had found companionship and would be replaced with more accepted methods of comfort and pleasure.

I agree that emotional cheating would be every bit as bad as sexual or any other kind for that matter. To condradict myself in my original post I suppose I must have been considering the idea of visiting a mummy and hoping for validation in a way even if was thinking in terms of 10 years time 20 years time or just plain fantasy. But reading your opinions has made me feel that even if I were able to separate sexual feelings from purer regression (doubtful) associated with abdl it would still be hurtful for me to seek something so personal from somebody outside my marriage and therefore confirm to my wife that she wasnít providing me with something I need or want to make me happy.
Though frankly she doesnít seem too bothered about denying me those needs and urges or if Iím happy for that matter.
Sorry Iím ranting now.

So long story short perhaps I might have on a braver day in the very distant future considered the idea but now I wonít.